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POSTED BY Rachel Kruse - 03.24.15 - Inbound Marketing

“I have a website! People SHOULD be able to find my business online, right?

HowtoWriteWebsiteCopythatDrivesActionWrong… Just because you build a house, doesn’t mean people know the address, and just because you have a website does not mean search engines will blindly lead potential customers there. IT NEEDS THE RIGHT WORDS. Not just any words, and not just a couple of words either… In order for your website to be Search Engine Optimized (or SEO friendly) you need to use the right words more than once. Search engines use words to find the most relevant websites to serve up to your potential clients.

About 300 words per website page that tell your potential clients what you can do for them using the keywords that are relevant to their searches is a great start.

Speak to the Reader’s Problem

When you are coming up with clever content, tell not what you have been doing for over 100 years – tell what you can do for your potential clients right NOW.

     Example – Meh:

Egglemonster’s Plumbing Company has been providing plumbing services in the Transylvania Metro area since 1872.

     Example – Better:

Leaky pipes and drippy faucets becoming your nightmare? Egglemonster’s Plumbing Company can be anywhere in the Transylvania Metro area in 60 minutes or less, and we guarantee professional plumbing services, fast pipe repair and meticulous sink and tub installation!

The added bonus in speaking to the clients’ needs is that you can use more keyword phrases that people might search for - and less commas.

Make Your Services Stand Out

Please – do not just have one SERVICES page that lists 72 services with no other text. Instead have 10 service pages where your services are categorized by type, and tell people why your company is the best choice for them. Having more pages allows you to target people with different needs using more effective website copy, and use the keywords that attract search engines to your website. Separate pages about 24-hour service, kitchen and bath remodeling, and drain cleaning will elaborate on all of your services more thoroughly and emphasize the benefits of hiring you, instead of the other guy.

Add More Subheads to Grab their Attention

Are you better, faster, more experienced than your competitors? Do you offer guarantees, provide 24-hour service and background check all of your plumbers? Work it! Whatever makes you better than the guy down the street, or just really nice to work with should be included for all to see!

Throw in a Bulleted List or 2 for Better SEO and User Experience   

Bulleted lists allow you to cleanly name your services using the keywords that potential clients might be searching for to find a business just like yours. The text will nearly POP off the page for the reader as long as you keep the list between 5 and 8 lines long. If it is longer, you may be able to categorize your services into 2 lists or even break them into 2 pages. The more pages you have, the more text you can use to create good website content for SEO! Each separate service or product type should have its own page.

Search Engines Read Words – Not Graphics

While you can and should add readable text called alt tags to photos and other graphics on your website, most people don’t bother. However, search engine crawlers will not find your website unless they can read all of its content, and adding alt tags allow you to add SEO value to your website even on photos. Great design and nice photos also help enhance user experience. When it comes to websites, the whole package is important.

When to Hire a Content Writer or Agency for Better Web Content

It’s important to hire a content writer when:

  1. Writing relevant, creative, SEO friendly content takes more time than you or your staff have to spend on it.
  2. You and your staff members do not have the technical skills to make website changes in the platform your website was built in.
  3. You don’t have writing/marketing skills on-staff to write effective website copy.
  4. You don’t have the time or interest in looking at website analytics to find out which words and phrases people are typing into search queries to find your website.
  5. You don’t have the knowledge or experience to use keyword planning tools.

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