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FSOGSD Day at Fusionfarm blends startup weekend with hack day

POSTED BY Josh Hlibichuk - 04.03.14 - web design, mobile, Who We Are

The Fusionfarm tech team of ninja-rockstar-gurus likes to get our heads together and jam out some code on what we lovingly refer to as “Hack Days.” But, fresh off the high of Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids, we wanted to embrace that feeling and capture its energy for a little while longer. In short, we wanted to create something more than 'just a hack day'. We wanted Hack Day on steroids. FSOGSD day was born.


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Web Design Best Practices – A UX Primer for Business Owners and Marketers

POSTED BY Regina Gilloon-Meyer - 04.02.14 - web design

Business owners and marketing teams often have the responsibility for creating marketing tools like websites and apps, or at least managing the process of getting that done. Did you miss that class in school? Yep, so did a lot of us. Once you get into a website development project, you will learn that there is much more to it than picking out cool website designs or templates. Lack of basic technical and usability knowledge can make for a painful, on-the-job learning experience. 

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The New Gazette Company Website Is Now Live

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 01.21.14 - web design

Fusionfarm's latest website development project is now live! Fusionfarm developed the brand, style and design as well as completing the development of TheGazetteCompany.com.

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Website Redesign: How to Plan for Your Business’ Website Redesign

POSTED BY Andy Sulhoff - 11.14.13 - web design

websiteAny website redesign project presents the opportunity for your business to start fresh. A site redesign gives your website the opportunity to grow and mature alongside your business. Over time, the types of interactions you have with your customers changes. Your website should do the same. You do not have to continue to be who you were yesterday. You can start becoming who you want to be tomorrow. A good website redesign strategy will help you get there.

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8 Tips for Responsive Design

POSTED BY JoshH - 09.19.13 - web design

Today's web users are mobile and savvy: tablets are becoming the primary browsing and computing device at home, and tablet sales are poised to overtake laptop and desktop sales in the next few years, according to Gartner Research. Yet, countless websites are still outdated and clunky on mobile browsers, and the poor experience drives users away. By contrast, responsive design on a modern website helps to engage and delight users.

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