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Targeted Email Marketing: The Birthday Email

POSTED BY Stacey Stefani - 02.13.14 - email marketing

A common challenge for marketers is to provide valuable content to customers which produces an ROI on that campaign.  Targeting customers with a specific offer or content is continuing to be the key to success. Email marketing offers that opportunity for businesses to target a message or offer to a specific audience that will most likely respond to that offer.

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3 Email Marketing Tips to Get More Customers into Your Store

POSTED BY Joe Matar - 07.18.13 - email marketing

Email marketing can often times get overlooked as a marketing tool. This is a huge mistake, especially for small businesses, that have a limited marketing budget and time but are looking to drive more customers into their store.

Email marketing is cost effective and, according to a recent study by custora, is much better at acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook (although to be fair, email marketing has been around much longer than social media).

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How to get repeat business using email marketing

POSTED BY Joe Matar - 06.19.13 - email marketing

I've spent a considerable amount of time talking with local businesses about why they use email marketing. The most common answer is: "To let customers know about what's going on at our store."

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Digital Marketing Success for SMBs: Fusionfarm Full Service Ad Agency Delivers Results

POSTED BY Kelly Homewood - 04.17.13 - social media, web design, seo, SEM, reputation marketing, digital marketing, email marketing

As a full service Internet marketing company, Fusionfarm takes a holistic approach to online marketing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s). Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in digital marketing services. We keep current on the latest trends and technology and use the most efficient online marketing tools to accomplish advertising and marketing goals for our clients. Combined with a team of award-winning designers and digital marketing professionals, Fusionfarm is able to plan and execute a marketing strategy that is customized for each business’ goals and budget. Simply put: Fusionfarm delivers results!

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Email Marketing Services - A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

POSTED BY Andy Sulhoff - 04.08.13 - email marketing

I’ll continue the series on how the creative and integrated marketing agency services at Fusionfarm can help small businesses. I'd like to continue with examples of how being an active participant in the digital space can help your business be more successful with a review of the strengths, weaknesses and key benefits of email marketing.

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