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SXSW Interactive 2014: A Marketer's Point of View

POSTED BY Kelly Homewood - 03.18.14 - digital marketing, Events

SXSW Interactive is always an energetic, fast paced blur of sessions, networking and yes, parties. As a three year veteran, and an uber planner, I thought I was prepared. I was not.

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Digital Marketing is NOT Advertising

POSTED BY Chris Edwards - 02.18.14 - digital marketing, Sales

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make starts with the statement “I need to figure out where in my advertising budget I can pull some dollars for digital marketing”.  Makes me shake my head every time.


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Behavioral Targeting – When Less Is More

POSTED BY Mindi Dixson - 02.05.14 - digital marketing

Marketers use behavioral targeting to capture website and landing page visitor data and then use that information to provide these searchers with advertisements that are relevant to their needs and interests. How does this work? The data collected creates a “profile” of the visitor that links to their web browser and then these visitors are put into an audience segment. This audience segmentation allows advertisers to show online ads that are relevant to users based on their previous behavior. These ads are generally more expensive because studies show they are generally more effective than run-of-site advertising.

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Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

POSTED BY Stacey Stefani - 02.03.14 - digital marketing

sb-adsYup, another blog post about the Super Bowl commercials written by marketers.  Enjoy!

There was a lot of hype for the big game as the number one offense was taking on the number one defense. Sadly, the game failed to deliver the epic battle many were anticipating. The Seattle Seahawks pummeled Denver in a near shut-out but not all Broncos were losers last night. One “Bronco” shined last night and he doesn’t he even have a contract. Tim Tebow scored big as he poked fun at himself in T-Mobile’s spot offering to buy you out of your current contract. Oh, the irony of Tebow winning in the commercials game as his former teammates lost on the field.

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Fusionfarm’s 2014 Digital Marketing Resolutions – Jumping Off The Bandwagon

POSTED BY Regina Gilloon-Meyer - 12.30.13 - digital marketing

In the world of marketing, finding the next big thing and milking it for all its worth is an occupational hazard. After all, who wants to be the agency that dissed social media as a fad or the one who missed the mobile memo? Not us, that’s for sure. However, when cutting edge turns cliché it’s time to cull the group think from our consciousness and jump off (or on) the bandwagon.

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