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Hey Mikey, What Makes a Great Ad Campaign? A Spocktastic 3-part series.

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 06.21.13 - branding, creative

Answering the question of what makes a great ad campaign is a little like answering the question of what came before the big bang or how Keanu Reeves continues to have a goddamn career. I mean, don't get me wrong, he was great in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and, yes, the Matrix - but that's because he was actually expected to emote like a piece of wood.

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Get Intimate With Your Brand: 3 Tips for Brand Development

POSTED BY Kurt Sempf - 06.18.13 - branding

Your brand is not a cheap date, so why treat it like it is? When it comes to brand integration or brand development, many businesses think as long as they have a great logo and tagline they’re set. You can create a campaign and slap a logo on it and you’re done. But that doesn’t always work. Your logo is like make-up. It may make you look pretty, but it’s what’s underneath that counts. All the make-up in the world won’t hide a dysfunctional personality. A logo is not your brand. If your brand is struggling take some time to date it. Be truthful and honest. You just might get lucky!

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Unlock the power of your brand with Fusionfarm's Voice Discovery

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 03.29.13 - branding

It is vitally important that your brand expresses itself to its audience in a compelling and powerful way. At Fusionfarm we've developed our Voice Discovery process for brand expression to uncover your brand's voice and unlock the hidden power it holds.

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A different approach to a car dealer's television advertising campaign

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 01.29.13 - branding, creative

When Junge Automotive Group, a car dealership in Cedar Rapids and Center Point, asked Fusionfarm to develop an television advertising campaign that would be new and unlike any other, we had to be painfully honest if we were to undercover a message that would cut through the white noise of the competition.

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An agency's role is to build emotional connections to your brand

POSTED BY Kurt Sempf - 09.21.12 - branding

Ask any business why it switched marketing agencies and most of the time it will respond, "I want better creative." But what does that really mean?

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