Top 5 Ways To Avoid Digging Your Own Digital Grave

POSTED BY Liz Kennedy - 06.30.14 - Website design

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Hello. Welcome to 2014. The thing is, your website doesn’t seem to know it’s 2014. Instead of reflecting with web design best practices, it leads customers on a weird and winding path to nowhere. SEO? You don’t need to know that. That’s for the hipsters. Right?

1. Get over the guilt

With so many trends vying for your attention, it’s hard to know where to look. And website?  You’ve tried to update it and you can’t.  So stop feeling guilty about it and enlist some help. Your website is an extension of your brand and it’s time to get your game face on. Professionals who spend 100% of their time keeping up with trends are ready to collaborate with you.

2. Express your unique self

Your brand that you’ve built is like no other. Make your digital representative, otherwise known as your website, express what distinguishes you from your competitors. The trick? You have to explain your unique perspective in a conversation that is about your customer. The cool kids don’t tell everyone how cool they are – they just walk around town wafting their coolness like an afterthought. Your story is your customer’s story – how you’ve helped them get better, happier, more magnificent.

3. Make it very simple to reach out

You’ve got a compelling service, so make sure it isn’t a hassle to find your phone number, map, directions or click to call (on mobile).  The digital experience of your business should not be complicated and frustrating. If you are selling a product, make your search feature prominent, and allow customers to find what they need, fast.

4. Don’t leave it to the Techies

While we love IT professionals, for websites, you need a specialist. IT professionals don’t always have the most up to date information on website performance. They know about networks and throughput and complex system integration. They tend to be generalists. Claiming your digital space includes many factors such as search engine optimization, so your site can be found. Your content needs to be interesting so your site is sticky. And you need to know how your site is performing by looking at your website analytics. A specialist can help you get started and your business will be all the stronger for your efforts.

5. Forget your pet project

Maybe you want your site to have a little sizzle. You add animation and sound. It’s fun. For a day. Think back to when you got your first cell phone – you wanted an awesome ringtone. Then it rang at work and embarrassed you.  Think about your website as your most valuable employee. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So give it a job description. You wouldn’t ask your administrative assistant to answer the phone in an amusing way, just for kicks. So don’t make your website perform some awkward duty. Your website should report to you with leads. Customers should comment “It was so easy to find on your website.” If when the dust settles, that is the only goal of your website, you’ve found a good place to start.

Web design projects come in all shapes and sizes. Doing a landing page seems simple enough but even this one-page wonder requires a lot of thought. Download our guide to 7 Landing Page Best Practices for tips on how to create an effective landing page.

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Liz Kennedy

Liz Kennedy

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