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According to Local Consumer Review Survey 2013, 95% of consumers have used the Internet to look up a local business. If your business isn’t found on the Internet, you’re missing out on customers and sales.

Well, are you on the internet? Have you searched for yourself or your services lately? Clear out your cookies-I always giggle when I have to say that. Then do a search for your business or key products/services. Is your website showing up anywhere? At the very least, your business should be showing up for a search of its name. If your business isn’t showing up when you type in your business name, I am going to advise you to reread Sherry’s blog on Business Listings now.

So, say you did find yourself when you searched your business name. Wonderful. But are you showing up for searches by people who don’t know your name but do want products or your services? For example, if you are a dentist in Cedar Rapids, type in Dentist in Cedar Rapids.  Look closely at the results. If you are not showing up in either the organic or paid search results, you have a presence problem. Those that are showing up are your competitors -with a presence!

For an immediate presence, you can take advantage of search engine marketing (SEM), also called pay per click (PPC). 

As Google goes, the Search World will follow.  So, we will focus on Google. First, you will need to determine which Search Network to run your ads on.  Your options include the straight Search Network, Search with some Display Ads, or the Display and Online Video Network which offers both YouTube and Google ads.

The Google Search Network offers your ads to Google Search sites that include Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images and groups. You also have the option of including Google Search Partners like AOL. Google does not disclose their list of partners’ sites. The types of campaigns that you are able to run on Search are text ads and shopping campaigns.

The Google Display Network and partners includes sites like Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and Google Finance.  Your ads can be created in the form of text, images or videos. A special note here-YouTube is the second largest search engine-second only to Google so your reach on this network is potentially huge.

The newest type of campaign is the Search Network with Display Select.  This utilizes the Search Network and partners, as well as selected sites on the Display Network. The site selection on the Display Network is more closely related to where your ads will perform or convert well.

Did you ever do a search on a product, see an ad and then that ad seemed to follow you around on the web for the next few days? That is called remarketing and you can use this type of ad either through the Search Network or the Display Network.

The type of product or service you are selling and what action you want users to take will determine what network you advertise on and what form your ads will take. If you are at the branding stage of your campaign, Image Ads on the Display Network are effective. If you have an e-commerce site, you may want to run a shopping campaign on the Search Network.

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