The Marriage Between Television and Digital Marketing

POSTED BY Rachel Schmit - 12.11.14 - Digital marketing

Traditional television advertising and digital marketing complement one another.We live in a four screen world. Walk into any living room today and you’ll find the TV on, Mom on her tablet, Dad on his laptop and little Johnny and Jane on their smart phones. Television has been a dominant and effective form of advertising for businesses for many years. With the introduction of so many electronic devices over the past years, more avenues to market and advertise your products have opened up.

Some business owners may see this as a challenge to figure out “which works best?!” In reality, this is a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalize on an even more engaged audience who has the capability to visit the businesses’ digital property immediately rather than waiting until 8am the next morning to visit the brick and mortar storefront.

For example, Mom sees a commercial for a cute new outfit to wear to this weekend’s party. Prior to the technology advances, she had to plan a trip to the boutique over the next few days in the midst of her work schedule and running Johnny and Jane to after school activities. Now, from the comfort of her living room, immediately after she sees the commercial, she can visit the boutique's website and order the outfit online or schedule an in-store pickup.

Thirty seconds later, Dad hears the roar of a V8 engine and looks up from his laptop. He’s captivated by the newest model of the truck he owns and decides it’s time for him to trade in his 3-year-old model. Instead of waiting until the weekend to stop by the dealership, he immediately visits their website and begins his search for a new ride.

These are just two examples of people who are captured by excellent television advertising campaigns and have the opportunity to act immediately. If the opportunity to act immediately on their feelings wasn’t there, they may forget the business name that had the product they wanted or even lose interest in having the product at all.

A large advantage is given to those business owners who embrace the marriage between television and digital marketing. The challenge is not “which works best?!” The challenge is "how can I get the most exposure on both and stay ahead of my competition?!"

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