Target Potential Clients With Targeted Display Ads

POSTED BY Rachel Kruse - 11.18.14 - Digital marketing

Follow Your Customers Wherever They Search

Have you ever searched online for a new car, or planned a trip to Cancun, or shopped for a diamond ring, and suddenly ads with those products pop up on your screen inviting you to click and learn more?

These ads are called targeted display ads and they are effective at attracting customers to your website and business. 


Not only do targeted display ads give potential customers an ad to click on and learn what you have to offer, but they also put your company name on a person’s screen at a time when your products or services are relevant to their needs.


A Versatile Avenue For Marketing To People Who Need You Now

Targeted display ads can show up based on demographics of an internet user, including age, family structure, geography, employment, search behavior, and more.

Let’s use the example of searching for a Cancun resort (wouldn’t THAT be nice?!) - but really, targeted display ads can benefit almost any business -- from a theater that is trying to attract customers to a different show every week, to a car dealership, a heating and cooling company, a home care service or even an e-commerce site for health and beauty products. 

Choosing The Right Words

During set up of a targeted display ads for a Cancun resort, keywords are chosen that are relevant to the searches people are doing and this will help attract the right customers who are looking for that particular services at that moment. Your targeted display ads are only served up to people who are currently in the midst of the buying process in this case, either in the research phase or ready to make a purchase.

Retargeted Ads - Offer More Options to Your Audience

Retargeted ads are ads that are “served up” to people who have already expressed an interest in your site because they visited it. Your ads can serve up new material to people who have visited your site. For instance, if a basic ad for your resort comes up the first time, maybe the next ad will be an off-season special, and the one after that might be for a special event that is coming up soon. This allows your ads to stay in front of potential customers and show them more of what you have to offer.

Take Advantage of Your Competition's Searchers

Often people have heard of a great place to stay and they type in the actual name of the resort. With a targeted display ad, you can put your competitor’s business name in your targeted display ad search criteria, so if a potential client types in your competition’s name, information about YOUR resort pops up on the screen, saying “Come to Paradise Resort - romantic rooms, great service and walk-outs to the Gorgeous Cancun Beach.” Now, who wouldn’t click on that!

So that’s how targeted display ads can help entice people who are looking at other resorts to come and stay with you instead of at the resort down the road!

Benefits Beyond the Initial Clicks

Targeted Display Ads have benefits that far outweigh just some extra clicks to your website. These ads also boost your top of mind awareness for potential clients, so you may find that if people are seeing your ad on the side of their screen, they will also begin to search specifically for your name of business.

Targeted Display Ads are an attractive – and affordable -- way to get your business’ name in front of people who need you right now, and advertise the products and services you offer.


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