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POSTED BY Regina Gilloon-Meyer - 10.13.15 - Inbound Marketing

It’s that time of year again. Every year, Hubspot, the leader in inbound marketing and marketing automation software, spends thousands of hours researching, reporting, and calculating the impact that inbound marketing has on businesses around the world. Most of the information in this year’s survey reinforces the trends that have been building in support of Inbound Marketing over the years but there are a few emerging trends that we found noteworthy.

When inbound marketing first hit the digital marketing world, it was touted as SMBs answer to big marketing budgets. However, since then it’s been adopted by businesses of all sizes, sometimes as a stand-alone strategy and often, particularly for larger companies, in combination with traditional outbound marketing campaigns.

This year, the company surveyed over 4,000 marketers in more than 150 countries. All data was collected in the first half of 2015.

Lead Quantity, Not Cost

The glut of content and marketing messages has created fierce competition for consumer’s attention. With marketing ultimately being a numbers game, this increased competition makes the volume of leads at all levels of the funnel tougher to get. As a result, companies appear to be more interested in increasing the volume of leads they have to work with, even if those leads cost a little more.

According to Hubspot, “While the news that increasing leads and conversion rates are top priorities is to be expected, the lowest priority across company size and sectors was reducing the cost of accomplishing these two objectives. Reducing the cost of acquiring leads/customers was three times less likely to be prioritized as increasing the number of leads/customers.”

Need for Inbound Marketing Champion

While the value of Inbound Marketing continues to gain credence, the investment needed to do it effectively grows as well. As such, the survey reports that obtaining an executive sponsor and training inbound marketing teams are increasing priorities among marketers.

Those executing on inbound marketing campaigns find that senior executives favor inbound marketing as a long-term investment – even more than marketing managers do. When you think about it, this makes sense since most mid-level managers are held to meeting monthly goals while senior executives can afford to take a long-term view of success. Having buy-in and support from senior executives to set realistic goals and invest in the training of your teams is critical to inbound marketing success.  

More marketers are sourcing content from outside their company

Marketers have a lot on their plates these days – lead generation, email marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and, of course, content creation. This year’s survey finds that content creation is no longer limited to in-house writers. In the early days of inbound marketing, conventional wisdom held that companies should create their own content to best reflect their company’s voice and brand. However, many companies are conserving their resources and finding ways to communicate that voice and brand through free-lancers and agency partners without losing the essence of their company’s personality.

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