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POSTED BY Alicia Anderson - 10.26.16 - Social media

blog collage.jpgFacebook has become an incredibly successful tool for local event marketing. Who hasn’t been tempted to click "attending" or "interested" for a local event when we see in our news feed a friend or family member is planning to attend? This digital word of mouth is something that can only be achieved on a highly populated social network, like Facebook.  

Meet Me at the Market

Take the example of the NewBo City Market’s Meet Me at the Market. It’s a weekly fitness event that takes place every summer at NewBo City Market. Hundreds of participants join walking, running, and biking groups or attend yoga and dance fitness classes for free! The event had been taking place for 4 years when attendance began to plateau. The steering committee was looking for a new way to expand their reach and connect with a new audience. Enter Fusionfarm.

We knew that an event like Meet Me at the Market should have a huge social presence. Active, social people love the idea of posing a photo of an outdoor yoga class with a glass of wine! We put together a targeted Facebook advertising strategy to reach individuals on Facebook in the Cedar Rapids area who had expressed interest in topics like exercise, gyms, running, yoga, and Zumba with weekly events. We also posted a weekly photo album of that week’s event. We encouraged participants to interact with these photos by liking, commenting, or tagging their friends to further increase the reach. The strategy worked and judging by the surge in attendence, it worked well.

Client Says It Best

“Our Social Media Manager took the time to understand our goals and create a strategy to help reach and engage our audience. We had a record breaking 2016 season with a 73% increase in event registrations and a 78% increase in average attendance compared to the 2015 season. We attribute this increase in large part to the Facebook advertising and partnering with Fusionfarm to execute the campaigns as it was the only new marketing tactic we invested in this year.” – Lynn Harman, Meet Me at the Market Steering Committee Chair

Let Fusionfarm Help Your Business Connect

Social Media Marketing is a great way to connect with your current audience and reach a new potential audience through targeted advertising campaigns. Our social media community managers are marketing experts who can help you reach your business goals through social media! If you’re ready to step up your social presence, contact us today!

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Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson is a Social Media Community Manager at Fusionfarm. She works with a number of clients in various industries to grow their businesses through the use of social media marketing. When she's not creating social media magic, Alicia enjoys shaking it while instructing dance fitness classes.

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