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Facebook Marketing Challenge

HaciendaAlist_1000x1000In our area a local news station, KCRG-TV9 sponsors an annual contest called the KCRG A-List where businesses compete within their industry for the number one spot. The winners are chosen by online voting with every user allowed only one vote. When my client, a local Mexican restaurant owner informed me that he wanted to win this year I was excited for the opportunity to show him the real power of social media and how we could help him reach his business goals.

Our Solution

Working with one of our graphic designers, I came up with the first image to post on Facebook and created an ad to boost the post. This increased the reach of our post to more users than would have normally received the post in their newsfeed. It also helped us reach users who had not yet liked my client’s Facebook page, helping his Facebook page gain more fans while also raising awareness for the A-List competition.

After running this ad for a couple weeks we saw a bump in our Facebook likes. His restaurant had moved up a few spots in the A-List race, but we were still eyeing that first place position. After some brainstorming we came up with the idea to give away free Margaritas for votes! This sounded like a great strategy, but how could a customer prove he or she had actually voted and earned the Margarita reward? We soon realized that after a user voted online they were taken to a vote confirmation page where it listed what business they had voted for and in what category. We then created the second ad instructing customers to bring in their printed or digital vote confirmation page to receive their free Margarita.

Social Media Success

kcrg_a_list_giveawaySoon after running this ad the page blew up and we reached #1 on the A-List! This social A-List promotion was only aided by a single email blast and a couple of posters within his restaurants. My customer was happy to see his restaurant win and I was excited to prove the influence that social media can have as a campaign marketing tool.

My client recently shared this with us, “Since I’ve started working with Fusionfarm I have learned a lot about Social Media and how it can be used to directly impact my business. We have put together multiple campaigns that have driven Facebook fans into my restaurants through the use of digital marketing and special offers. Alicia and I have a great relationship where we are able to work together and collaborate on these ideas. Our most recent goal was to win the KCRG A-List for Best Mexican restaurant and we were able to do that with an aggressive Facebook campaign that aligned with our in-store signage and an email strategy also put together and executed by Fusionfarm."

If you’re curious to learn how your business could benefit from a similar social media strategy, take a look at my blog post “Benefits of Facebook for Business”. Stay tuned for more successful social media marketing case studies coming soon!

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Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson is a Social Media Community Manager at Fusionfarm. She works with a number of clients in various industries to grow their businesses through the use of social media marketing. When she's not creating social media magic, Alicia enjoys shaking it while instructing dance fitness classes.

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