My Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids experience

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 03.05.14 - Conferences

startup weekend cedar rapidsParticipating in a 54-hour frenzy to pitch, build and launch a new technology business during Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids was hands-down the best professional and personal development event I’ve been a part of as a member of Fusionfarm.


What was Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids? It was an entrepreneurial accelerator program open to anyone. More than 90 people participated, with 35 pitching a new business idea on Friday night. Eventually, eight ideas moved to the next round. From there, teams formed organically and worked feverishly the next two days building a minimal viable product, validating a business model and determining a go to market strategy. The weekend ended Sunday evening with each team pitching and demonstrating its business to a panel of judges.

Fusionfarm, a platinum sponsor of Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids, made it possible for anyone in the company to participate. In one way or another, 10 Fusionfarm employees took part.


What made my experience so valuable?

The willingness to help – The entire weekend, I didn’t hear anyone say no to anything. More than a dozen entrepreneurial mentors from the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area volunteered their time to push teams to think differently, answer questions and provide support. People who had no stake in the business proposals opened avenues to reach people who could help. Their support was invaluable and a testament to the growing entrepreneurial community here.

A sense of community – There was this sense the entire time that we were all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Yes, we focused on our business teams to build something cool, but the fact that eight new potential startups were formed in one weekend in Cedar Rapids is something our entire community can be proud to say and build upon.


So why does all this matter to Fusionfarm? fusionfarm_team

Fusionfarm is devoted to helping businesses grow. Every one of us that participated in Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids is better for it today than we were before, and more informed about serving our clients in the future.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and experience that mesh well to provide complete solutions for business growth. We work in a team environment, reinforced by startup practices on display at Startup Weekend, where good ideas can come from anywhere.

We are proud to support and be active participants in the entrepreneurial community in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area.



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