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iStock_000045411658_XXXLargeLinkedIn is among the top social media platforms recommended for businesses and with good reason. As the social site of choice for professionals, LinkedIn has over 53 million users. With its focus on professionals, this social network is arguably the best platform for connecting with business partners, customers, prospects and thought leaders in your industry.

So when a client needed an avenue to connect with their B2B customers, we turned to LinkedIn. By targeting industry experts, posting in-depth industry related articles, publishing whitepapers and using LinkedIn Groups to further the conversation, we were able to significantly increase their LinkedIn followers and build their professional community. Here’s how we did it:

Publishing content and engaging with followers

The primary goal for our client's LinkedIn strategy is to foster quality relationships with their B2B customers. These relationships are established through sharing conversations and content with its followers. The kinds of updates we share include recent and relevant information from industry experts, the news media, blog posts, press releases and videos. Each of these pieces of content can and does drive traffic to our client's website and establishes the business as a resource for related businesses.

Attracting new followers with sponsored content and ads

In addition to connecting with current followers, we used LinkedIn’s sponsored content and ads to increase the client's reach beyond their existing community. One of the benefits of LinkedIn’s sponsored ads and content is its powerful targeting features. Moving far beyond the standard behavioral and demographic data, LinkedIn’s platform allows us to reach out to relevant people by self-reported attributes such as job title, company size, etc. Sponsored content and ads along with proper targeting techniques and a great message can help businesses increase followers and nurture quality leads.

Techniques used to enhance the effectiveness of the sponsored updates and ads were:

  • Including compelling images and rich media with the post.
  • Asking questions and/or including a thought-provoking headlines
  • Publishing in-depth content such as whitepaper and case studies.
  • Sharing articles from industry relevant trade journals.
  • Posting helpful advice and practical tips that can be applied immediately.

Connecting with Thought Leaders and Professionals in the Industry

LinkedIn offers a platform for our client to connect with and establish relationships with professionals and thought leaders in their industry. This relationship plays a key part in generating leads and can even help them close important deals. LinkedIn members can follow industry leaders and connect with them by sharing content or simply starting a conversation. LinkedIn Groups are another great source to connect with thought leaders. In these groups, members participate in discussions related to the business, helping them attract new followers from targeted, established audiences.

Ready to get started? Check out our blog post on how to build LinkedIn following: 3 Tips for Businesses to Build their LinkedIn Following or contact us today for more information about our social media community management services.

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Pranav Shrestha

Pranav Shrestha

Pranav is the Social Media Community Manager and Website Project Manager at Fusionfarm. He is currently working on numerous social media marketing efforts for a number of Iowa-based businesses as well as national franchisees. Pranav loves IPAs, new cuisines and photography.

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