Keep ‘Em Comin’: Retaining Customers with Inbound Marketing

POSTED BY Marleen Linares - 11.07.14 - Inbound Marketing

78059249Inbound marketing is like the gift that keeps on giving. It seamlessly drives traffic to your website, converts those visitors into qualified leads and eventually closes more sales. However, when executed correctly, inbound campaigns can not only help attract potential customers but also keep your current customers full and happy. That’s why it’s important to devote part of your inbound marketing strategy to delighting your current customers. Below are some strategies to retain customers with inbound marketing.  



As you probably already know, word on the street is that (quality) content is king. Providing your customer with top-notch quality content is fundamental to a successful inbound marketing campaign. You should make sure some of that content is relevant to your current customers. Educating current customers gives them a better understanding of the industry and, in turn, will illustrate the value of your company’s products and services. You can do this in various ways like with product-related blog posts or webinars specifically catered to current customers.



Your customers are much more likely to stay loyal to your brand if they feel connected to it. Consistent, dynamic engagement is another way to retain customers with inbound marketing tactics. Social media is a key platform that can easily facilitate customer engagement. In general, customers join social communities because they’re interested in news about your brand, new products, changes etc. Delivering quality, helpful tips and information will not only build a strong online community but also keep your customers coming back. Consistent engagement with customers can also give you valuable insight on the customer so be sure to respond to comments and mentions to encourage conversation. Email campaigns can also be useful in keeping customers engaged with your brand. Sending them content like news about your brand or new product information keeps you connected with the customer and keeps your customer thinking about your brand.



Today’s customer expects high-quality support and they expect it fast. Inbound marketing strategies are a useful way to make sure your customer is always satisfied. Having valuable, helpful content on your website is an excellent way to attract new customers but it can also be helpful in retaining the customers you already have. For instance if your customer has questions about your product, a strong support page on your site will help him or her to find the answers easily and quickly rather than combing through irrelevant information. Post-purchase follow up emails can also ensure the customer is satisfied while also sparking a conversation on any other products or services they may need.

If you are promoting your inbound content on social media, you can also offer a quick and creative resolution to customer service issues. For example, Spotify responds to most of their customers inquiries via their Twitter and sometimes will even include a personalized playlist.

These are just some of many ways you can retain customers with inbound marketing. It’s important to keep your current customers in conversation with your brand so you can be top of mind when they plan on buying again. Inbound marketing campaigns will help successfully direct and nurture qualified leads while playing an integral part in retaining customers so keep them in mind when planning your campaign. After all, keeping an old customer happy is almost always easier than bringing a brand new one through the door.

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