How to turn your website into a lead generation machine

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the-customer-capture-contraption and lead generationAs more and more consumers turn to the internet to conduct research on your company’s products and services it is imperative that you turn your website into a place where you can capture these leads for the purpose of nurturing them into eventual customers. Failing to do so means that your leads will go somewhere else; namely, your competition. And this behavior isn’t just limited to B2C companies. According to Accenture, 68% of B2B customers research online prior to purchase.


Five simple ways to turn your website into a lead generation machine

Think about it: your website never sleeps. It constantly has the chance to attract site visitors and turn them into leads. Furthermore, potential customers are typically doing research on their own before talking to an actual sales rep.. In this blog post, you will learn five simple ways you can get started with turning your website into your best sales rep.


Content, content, content


Before you can begin to think about turning your website into a lead generator you first need to attract visitors to your website. How is this done? The best way is through the creation of valuable content. A great suggestion is to create a blog for your website. You can start by identifying the frequently asked questions your potential customers may have and provide that answer in the form of a blog post. Focus on answering questions about the benefits of your product or service, “how-to’s” or objections your leads might have about your product or service. Try to avoid promotional content. At this stage, people searching are still researching if your product or service is the right solution to their problem and not comparing one company to another. So, it’s best to provide content that helps them answer a question or solve their problem during this phase.




It’s not enough to just get visitors to your website; you must keep them there. One way to do this is to provide your visitors with more content that is similar to the content that brought them to your site in the first place. For example, a home remodeling company might attract visitors to their site by writing a blog post about the five benefits of enclosing your deck. Then they might entice the visitors to stay by offering them additional content about the cost of enclosing a deck. It wouldn’t make sense to promote content about windows or doors if the visitor is looking for enclosing their deck. Context is key in order to turn those leads into customers


Call-To-Actions (CTA)


In order to turn your website into a lead generation machine, you must attract visitors (potential customers), to your website but you also need to keep them there.  A clear, compelling call-to-action to get additional content is an excellent way to do that. A call-to-action is an image or hyperlink that directs visitors to another page on your site (in this case a landing page that has access to additional content). See below for an example:

This example above is used to entice visitors to click to download an eBook on “10 useless things to cut from your marketing.” This CTA will lead the site visitors to a landing page.


Landing pages


Once you have driven your visitors to your landing pages you are just one step away from turning your website into a lead generating machine. The goal of the landing page is to capture valuable information from your visitors which ultimately turns your visitor into a lead. Visitors will only give you their information like email, name, phone number or annual company revenue if they see value in what you are offering them. This means that you must provide them with an eBook , whitepaper or free trail that is worth this exchange of information. Therefore, it is important to not only create content that will attract visitors to your website but also content, typically more in-depth in nature, that will lead to this exchange of information.




The last step in turning your website into a lead generating machine is to constantly review the analytics on your website to find out what’s working and what’s not. You should be measuring simple metrics like the number of leads your site is generating to the more advanced metrics like the click through rates of your CTAs or the page assists of your blog posts to leads. This will help you improve your website so that you are getting even more out of your best sales rep.

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