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marketing_message_graphic.jpgA funny thing happened over the holidays. My five year old daughter wanted me to buy something that wasn’t a toy. And because she’s the 3rd child, she knows she has to repeat herself a bit to get my attention (sad, I know).

This time she was trying to alert me to a problem. “Mommy, you know that commercial with the mommy with the red shoulder? We need to get that cream.”

As it was, I knew exactly what cream she was referring to. I’d seen the pre-roll ad while watching YouTube over the holidays:

What puzzled me was why she responded so quickly to an ad like this. As marketers, we’re called to explain content promotion options to our clients as far as what tools are available – targeted display ads, retargeting, pre-roll, TV and outdoor signage. Clients love having the power to serve their ads to the right audience at the right time and being able to measure the results more precisely than ever before.

Power of Creative Messaging

What can get lost in that discussion however is the power of the creative for marketing and how it effects the message. Even if you are in your audience’s space, if you don’t speak to solving the audience's problems, they will be disinterested. 

Back to our case study, my little girl has a problem. Sometimes, probably too often, Mommy makes excuses not to play. This is a big problem to a five year old. And here is a solution - Cortizone 10!

Her brain picked up on the simple message that Mommy can play again after using this cream. A little misleading? Perhaps, and very effective on my little influencer (she only saw the ad once before her comments). The subtle, simple message keeps this spot strong, even when the ad is shortened.

Cortizone 10 has been on a nice trajectory ad-wise. They are successfully moving from medication to skin care, similar to other brands like Gold Bond. Last year, their ‘winter dry skin’ ad was memorable because it solved a highly-relatable problem for those of us in colder climates - dry skin. You can see them keeping a consistent look and feel in the current ad.


 Effective Creative Doesn't Just "Happen"

An effective creative message is developed as a result of a process - it doesn't just happen. The importance of developing highly relevant and compelling messages needs to be central in any creative process. Our creative team recently created this video case study on how the creative process worked for one of our higher education marketing clients.  

Moral of the story? In all of these examples, you can see the arc of a longer term commitment to message. Keeping your message simple and related to solving a problem is a great place to start. However, a great message takes a great team, and a collaborative client. 

Want to discover your message with a great team? Let’s talk.

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