Home Improvement Websites: Getting Serious about Marketing

POSTED BY Andrea Hall - 02.16.16 - Website design

Home_Improvement_Website_Blog_-_Website_Redesign-772163-edited.jpgNearly 80% of consumers do their research online before making a purchase, or in case of the construction industry, hiring a contractor. This research includes looking at the home improvement websites for answers about the contractor’s capabilities, pricing, service and experience - just for starters. Done right, a professional, credible website that addresses these questions may be one of the most important tools in your tool belt.

However, if your website doesn’t include these basic components, there’s a good chance that your most qualified leads will blow right past your website on the way to another one that does. And if you think that a poorly built website is better than none at all, you’re mistaken. Many consumers assume that an amateur website translates to a lack of professionalism in other areas and won’t even consider letting you work on their home. 

If you want to get serious about marketing your home improvement business, we believe you should start with nailing the following:

Get Personal

You and your client will be spending a lot of time together, planning, discussing materials and reviewing the progress of the project. Take a little time to tell them your story. Let them know you are someone they want to work with and can trust in their home. Use your website’s “Home” page and “About Us” page to share your story. 

Your experience, credentials, licenses and pricing are important, but so is your personality. Before hiring you, homeowners want to be able to imagine working with you and your team one-on-one, referring you to friends and maybe even doing more work with you in the years to come.

Get Real

Few things will tell your home improvement story better than images (photos or videos) of your work. Having a gallery on your website doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have a smart phone, there is no reason you can’t have a high quality portfolio on your website. It may even pay to invest in professional photography to impress potential customers.

Be organized and strategic with your photo gallery. Prospective clients will expect to see your work without having to dig for it. We suggest organizing your photos by project or location in the home.

Photo Gallery Bonus Points: Homeowners might also discover new ideas for their home remodeling projects that they weren’t even considering before they got to your photo gallery. Don’t be afraid to update your website frequently to demonstrate your expertise. The more impressive your gallery, the more likely customers are to call you.

Get Some Love

Much of the research home improvement clients do includes poring over testimonials, reviews and social media profiles, such as Houzz. Having positive reviews and social mentions also provide benefits for search engine optimization (SEO), giving your website a boost in rankings while establishing trust on search engines.

The correlation of ranking high on search engines and having a strong social presence is becoming more evident with Facebook likes, shares, Twitter tweets, and even Pinterest pins are showing up on Google’s radar. Unsurprisingly, Google +1’s are given the most ranking recognition, followed closely by Facebook.

Thinking about updating or redesigning your home improvement website? Check out our Website Redesign Guide or contact us today to get started.  


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