Hiring an Agency for a Short Term Social Media Campaign

POSTED BY Alicia Anderson - 06.23.15 - Social media

HiResAs social media continues to be a crucial component of digital marketing, it can be difficult to understand and balance the many elements that make a social media campaign successful.

Single-focus campaigns, like ones promoting an event or announcing a new product, are increasingly popular. In response, social media platforms are offering tools to help make short-term campaigns more targeted and optimized to meet a specific goal.

But how do you know which social networks and tools are going to produce the best results for your business? Whether your business has an active social media presence or you’re starting a new business page from scratch, partnering with an agency to achieve a specific, short term goal is a low-commitment way to maximize your marketing dollar while gaining long-term social media insights.

Social Media is Not Free Media

Although it costs nothing to launch your business's social media pages, social media marketing is not a free digital marketing solution. If you want to cultivate a successful social media presence and grow your digital community, you should prepare to invest in these efforts and include a social media marketing budget. Hiring an agency familiar with paid content promotion on social media to execute a single purpose campaign will ensure your social media marketing budget produces the best results.

Paid, promoted and sponsored posts are available on virtually every social media platform.The practice of investing in social media platforms continues to evolve and expand. In fact, 70 percent of marketers will spend more on social media ads in 2015.

If you want to execute a single goal-focused campaign to promote an event or announce a new product, paid social media efforts will yield more targeted exposure. This, in turn, will lead to more likes, more conversions and eventually more customers. However, if your team doesn't have the necessary industry expertise to execute on this type of specialized campaign, you could be wasting your time and money. When you partner with an agency for a social media campaign, your campaign manager will ensure the right dollars are put behind the right messaging to help you reach your business's goal and maximize your ROI.

Learn by Doing

Allowing an agency to execute a social media campaign for your business will also help you learn more about the benefits and capabilities of social advertising, all while achieving your short-term business goal. Be sure to find an agency familiar with the best practices, latest trends and complex targeting available on these platforms.

Not Everyone's an Expert

One misconception we run into often with our clients is that anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account is qualified to manage your business’ page. These sophisticated tools have their own set of rules, requirements and strategies that must be mastered to get the most out of your marketing dollar. If you want to learn the basics of creating a successful social media campaign, consider bringing in a professional digital marketing agency to show you the ropes. Partnering with an agency, you can be confident that your campaign insights are being monitored daily and that your ads are optimized for the best results.

Hiring an agency to either execute a social media campaign or manage your entire social media community can produce positive results, as long as you pick the right agency. Download our FREE eBook "How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency" to learn what to look for when shopping for social media agencies.

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Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson is a Social Media Community Manager at Fusionfarm. She works with a number of clients in various industries to grow their businesses through the use of social media marketing. When she's not creating social media magic, Alicia enjoys shaking it while instructing dance fitness classes.

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