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Dedicated_Recruiting_Website_Marketing.jpgJust a few short years ago, when unemployment was pushing 10% and the economy was contracting like a trash compactor, businesses seeking workers were overrun with qualified applicants who were forced to accept employment on the employer’s terms. Check your rearview mirror and you may still catch a glimpse of those good old days. 

As we enter 2016, the unemployment rate has dropped to 5% and 78% of hiring managers anticipate hiring more employees in the first half of 2016, putting applicants squarely in the driver’s seat. With this seismic shift, many employers are scrambling to develop more effective ways to reach this limited and suddenly very selective pool of applicants and they are turning to digital marketing for help. These are the top recruiting trends we are seeing for 2016. 

Video Marketing

It’s estimated that millennials, those workers in their late teens to mid-30s, currently make up the majority of the workforce and those workers love video. Not only do they love it, they also expect to find accurate, transparent information about potential employers at their fingertips.

Applicants respond to videos that describe what it’s like to work in your field (trucking video) or for your company (employee testimonial). Without this kind of information, they may rely only on negative information reported on “reverse reference” websites like GlassDoor and other employment boards so you may never even be considered by potential applicants.

Quality employment videos can give your company a strong online presence. These types of multi-use videos can be published on your website, YouTube or other streaming video sites and promoted in email marketing campaigns or wherever you are likely to find your best potential candidates.

Dedicated Recruiting Websites

Many companies are creating separate websites dedicated specifically to recruiting to make the candidate experience as simple and efficient as possible. And like everything else in digital marketing these days, employment websites must be optimized for the mobile experience and targeted to the audience you are looking for. For instance, we recently completed a dedicated recruiting website for CRST, a national trucking firm, to improve their recruiting in an industry hard hit by a driver shortage. CRST reported that more than two-thirds of their applicants come from mobile so we took a mobile-first approach to the design.

Bolstered by email marketing and targeted advertising, dedicated recruiting websites become the heart of an integrated digital marketing effort designed to achieve the one primary goal - attracting the most qualified employees and moving them quickly through the hiring process.

Social Media Advertising

In a study of hiring trends in the U.S., iCIMS discovered that over a million people submitted job applications using social media profiles in the third quarter of 2015 alone. While LinkedIn is far and away the largest professional social network, millions of people use all kinds of social media networks to look for jobs and more importantly, to get a feel for what it might be like to work for a specific company.

With the sophisticated targeting options available in social media advertising and search engine marketing, businesses can promote their open positions in more places than ever before. Social media advertising can target people who work in a specific field and industry, right down to the job title. Segmented by the appropriate geographic area you can target all of these demographics to reach both those actively seeking employment as well as potential applicants who may be currently employed but intrigued by what your company has to offer.

Finding the Right Fit - Online

In today’s competitive job market, a business needs to distinguish itself from the competition to attract the right talent, skill and personality. Taking your digital marketing to the next level will allow you recruit talented applicants who have both the skills you need and who are compatible with your company’s culture.

Not sure where to begin? Fusionfarm would love to help you shake up your recruiting strategies for 2016. Contact Fusionfarm to see how we can help with video, website optimization and targeted advertising this year. Or check out our FREE eBook, Digital Cocktail, for ideas on how to choose the right tactics and strategies for your business’ unique goals in 2016.

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