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GDUSA is a design magazine, national in scope, with both a print and digital presence. It has been the GDUSA Awardsnews magazine for designers and other creative professionals since 1963.


Each year the pub holds the GDUSA American Web Design Awards. We are winners again this year for that was redesigned in 2014. Yes, our very own website is dazzling people all over the country. It’s good to know we’re doin’ stuff right. is unique and was built from the ground up. This is no cookie cutter site. At Fusionfarm we believe design is a fundamental and foundational method to solving problems. When that design strategy is activated correctly the appropriate aesthetic emerges organically.  Further, every aspect of from the navigation and content to page layout and case studies is a carefully constructed visual narrative relevant to a specific set of buyer personas. Buyer persona work is one of the primary strategies that we enlisted for


This is high visibility for us and puts us in great company with other agencies nationwide and we could not be happier. is a large, collective effort. Wins Web Design Award

Congratulations to the team: 

Greg Apel, Web Application Developer

Neil Brewster, Art Director

Sherry Bonelli, Product Manager 

Victoria Fish, Graphic Designer

Aaron Frerichs, Web Applications Manager

Regina Gilloon-Meyer, Content Marketing Specialist

Joe Matar, Product Manager

Keaton Reeder, Associate Art Director

Seth Smith, Senior Art Director

Stacey Stefani, Product Manager 

Andy Sulhoff, Content Marketing Specialist

Matt Thiessen, Web Application Developer

Jake Vardaman, Art Director



If your business is looking for help in creating a website or redesigning your current one, give us a shout, we'd love to help! 


Michael Zydzik

Michael Zydzik

As Fusionfarm's creative director, Michael directs his team creatively. He also leads branding and marketing strategy efforts, multi-media advertising campaigns, client pitches and presentations. He has two rescue dogs he refers to as his "kids" named Noodles and Monroe.