Fusionfarm Wins Regional Emmy Award for Video

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Go, Fusionfarm, Go.

Ok, so unlike the Chicago Cubs World Series drought, it hasn't been 108 years since Fusionfarm has won some bling for our trophy case, but winning still makes us feel, how did Madonna put it, oh yeah, shiny and new.

Delivering really great, effective work that positions and transforms our clients’ brands is always first and foremost in Fusionfarm's efforts, but we can’t lie, winning an Emmy for our work feels like our very own Grand Slam.

So we're as excited and happy as those Cubs’ fans that spilled out by the tens of thousands all over Chicago when we announce that we won a Regional Emmy Award for the Cedar Rapids Kernels' social media video campaign, “The Kernels – Kids Eat Free Sunday”.

Watch Kernels Superfan Billy and his Machiavellian strategy to get his parents to take him to the ballpark for free food. And baseball. Don’t forget the baseball.

 Fan cheers and free hot dogs to the Fusionites who produced the Emmy winning work, they’ve earned it:

Michael Zydzik, Creative Director/Writer

Margaret Singh, Videographer

Pranav Shrestha, Co-Director

Shaina Boylan, Account Manager/Producer

The Upper Midwest Emmys® are part of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) and includes work from Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and parts of Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Winning this Emmy is just more evidence of Fusionfarm’s commitment to transformative work. Does successful, award winning work sound like something your brand needs? Contact us for more information.

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Michael Zydzik

Michael Zydzik

As Fusionfarm's creative director, Michael directs his team creatively. He also leads branding and marketing strategy efforts, multi-media advertising campaigns, client pitches and presentations. He has two rescue dogs he refers to as his "kids" named Noodles and Monroe.

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