Website Redesign: How to Plan for Your Business’ Website Redesign

POSTED BY Andy Sulhoff - 11.14.13 - Website design

websiteAny website redesign project presents the opportunity for your business to start fresh. A site redesign gives your website the opportunity to grow and mature alongside your business. Over time, the types of interactions you have with your customers changes. Your website should do the same. You do not have to continue to be who you were yesterday. You can start becoming who you want to be tomorrow. A good website redesign strategy will help you get there.

A website is made up of many different components. Below are three important components to any website. A review of each of these components before you begin your site redesign will determine the scope of your website redesign project and begin developing a successful redesign strategy.

Site Functionality and User Experience

Site functionality and user experience should be your primary concern when discussing a website redesign. Site functionality is what a user will be able to do when they visit your site. User experience is how easily they can do it. Follow these steps to determine your website redesign scope of work for site functionality and user experience:

  1. Start by reviewing the purpose of your site as a whole. What is your desired outcome for someone who visits your site? If there are multiple, list them all
  2. Use the website goals to create a list of “use cases” for your website. What can a user do today when they visit your site?
  3. Next, create a list of use cases that users do not have on your current site but you would like them to in the future. What do you want users to be able to do after the redesign?
  4. Order the list of use cases from most important to least important -- with the most important having the highest value. If you have 10 items, the most important use case is number 10. The least important is number one.
  5. Grade each list item from 1 – 10 in terms of ease of use. One being no changes need to be made (the user experience is flawless) and 10 being the user experience needs to be completely overhauled -- nothing can be salvaged.

Reviewing your rankings for the usability and use case importance can help create the scope of work for your website redesign project.

Web Design Look and Feel

When it comes to website design scope of work, it all comes down to how much of the existing design you plan to keep. Use the guide below to help determine the scope of design work for your website redesign project.

  1. Start by reviewing the history of your current website design. What design revisions have already been done?
  2. What use case elements are you changing on the site?
  3. What use case elements are you adding to the site?
  4. What is their rank order of importance?

There’s no doubt it is easier to use your existing website design than to start fresh, and there are many instances where it makes perfect sense to use the existing site design. A new website design is a great way to extend your branding efforts and is the best solution if your new site will have multiple use case additions and/or revisions. When it comes down to it, you simply have to use your best judgment.

Website Content

Redesigning your website is a great opportunity to refresh the content on your site. Frequently updating your content is essential to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success but a website redesign project is a great opportunity to perform a full-scale overhaul of your website content. A redesign project is also an opportunity to investigate the effectiveness of each page on your website.

  1. Go back to your website goals from above.
  2. Identify and review the purpose of each section of your site.
  3. Review the purpose of each page within the sections.
  4. Finally, review the content on each of the pages and think about how each one helps achieve your overall website goals.

Your existing content is a great place to start. In most cases, your current content will be a solid foundation for your new site’s content. However, make sure to review how the content meets your overall website goals. If your current content doesn’t help your website achieve your goals, it might be best to start from scratch.

If you follow these basic steps you will be well on your way to prioritizing what you need to do for your website redesign.

Website Redesign Checklist
Website Redesign Checklist
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