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In this blog post, I build on my last post, 10 Tips for your Business’ Pinterest Strategy and explore some great Pinterest campaigns. Pinterest is often overlooked as a platform for executing a social media campaign. However, if your target audience is active on Pinterest and it fits into your overall marketing strategy, it can be a successful platform for businesses.

These two examples illustrate how a successful Pinterest contest can dramatically increase traffic to your website as well as the ground-breaking artistic opportunities made possible by this social network.


Jetsetter Curator Pinterest Contest

jetsetter pinterestJetsetter is a flash sale vacation website offering deals on anything from flights to hotels and activities. Last year, Jetsetter was searching for a fun and unique way to build their brand awareness and strengthen their travel community through social media. Based on their visually driven content, they chose to create a “Pin it to Win it” Pinterest contest to increase their engagement.

The Rules:

The contest encouraged participants to create the “ultimate destination pinboard” using photos from the Jetsetter website and other web sources. Participating boards had include the name “Jetsetter Curator” and the hashtag #JetsetterCurator. They established four different categories in which each user could compete: escape, adventure, style, and cosmopolitan. A winner would then be selected in each category. The winning board was selected by Jetsetter editorial staff and a panel of judges featuring special guests including Arianna Huffington and the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Baily.

The Prizes:

Each category winner would receive a three night stay at a location chosen based on their category: the escape winner would travel to Turks and Caicos, adventure to Belize, style to Los Angeles, and cosmopolitan to Miami. In addition to competing to compile the board with the best content, the Jetsetter Curator board with the most followers won its creator $1,000 in Jetsetter credits. This prize encouraged users to share their pins and boards, increasing the campaign reach to include participant’s networks.

The Results:

Throughout this contest the Jetsetter Pinterest page jumped from 2,000 followers to 5,300 followers, this is a huge leap for a relatively small company. The contest grew to include more than 1,100 users who pinned over 50,000 images with an average of 40 images per board. Most of the images were taken directly from Jetsetter which clicked through to their website. Pinterest referral traffic to the Jetsetter website increased 100% and Jetsetter pageviews increased by 150%. Jetsetter also saw a positive increase in the amount of time visitors were spending on their website as their bounce rate decreased by 10-15% during the campaign. (Source: Pinterest).

Enough with the numbers! Another huge benefit from this contest was the user insights Jetsetter was able to uncover. Based on what images were repined and shared the most, they were able to discover what locations, styles of hotels, and vacation activities were most appealing to their audience.
(Case Study Source: Mashable)

Prabal Gurung for Target

This next Pinterest case study is important to include to showcase how brands can use the platform in creative and innovative ways. New York designer Prabal Gurung released a collection for Target earlier this year which revolved around the idea of a love story. Each piece within the collection was inspired by a specific event or milestone within a romantic relationship.target_pinterest

The Strategy:

Based on Gurung’s inspiration, the advertising campaign for this collection was a no-brainer, Target created a series of commercials which illustrated the story of a young couple falling in love while showcasing the collection. The commercials focused heavily on telling the love story and less on promoting the actual clothing for sale. This approach transitioned into the strategy behind their Pinterest initiative, instead of creating separate pins that featured each piece within the collection, Target crafted pins for each moment of the love story within the commercial. These pins included photos of the same couple and a description of the moment they were sharing. Every pin description included the hashtags #PrabalForTarget and #TargetLoveStory, which made it easier for users to follow the story and encouraged interaction via other social networks such as Twitter.

Business Implications:

So you’re thinking this is a cute idea, but how did their Pinterest strategy actually result in any real business? Each pin would click through to where users could purchase the items featured within the pin photo. Presenting the pieces of the collection with a storyline featuring a beautiful setting and an attractive couple through vibrant photos is much more attention grabbing than a single pin of an item on a blank background. (Case Study Source: Olson)

If your audience is on Pinterest and it fits with your marketing efforts, use these case studies to
inspire your campaign. To be successful with your Pinterest campaign establish a goal, create a strategy to reach it and have beautiful creative with a clear call to action all while creating a remarkable experience for your audience. This growing social network provides unique opportunities to reach users in a new visually-driven way and drive sales for your business.


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