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Social Media Plan TemplateAre you looking to start social media marketing for your business or brand? Or to strengthen your business’ current social media presence? If you know your audience and have established your goals you can create content to reach that audience. But it’s more than that. You need to know what to publish, when and where to increase your engagement, strengthen your brand’s social reputation and connect with your customers (and potential customers).

By creating a social media plan you will have a guide that will help you execute a successful social media strategy.


In a previous blog post, I highlighted the five core elements to a social media plan template.

1) Establish your goals

2) Identify all key dates during your campaign

3) Create Campaigns

4) Strategy for each social network

5) Gather sources for your content repository

Those five core elements to your social media plan are essential when creating your social media marketing strategy.

Here are 5 additional things to consider when creating your plan.

  • Set measureable goals and identify the metrics you will measure to show your success. More importantly, to measure the ROI (return on investment).
  • Social media is an extension of your brand. It is another marketing channel, so identify how you plan to promote your annual sale through social media in addition to other advertising outlets. Understand how your audience uses the social network and how the network works to create content specific to those social networks to promote your sale there as well.
  • Set aside a budget to boost posts and run offers on Facebook. Be smart with your money. Don’t pay for anything but have it make sense for your audience, goal and the content you wish to “boost.” When done effectively, it can be very beneficial to your brand.
  • Each brand has a personality and voice. Identify it and put it in your social media plan template so all social media contributors understand it and can embody the personality of the brand when commenting, responding to inquiries or creating content.
  • Test, measure and adapt. Test new content to see how your audience responds, measure and adapt or repeat as necessary. Also test the day and time of day to ensure your content is being consumed when your audience is most active and that you are providing timely, relevant content that resonates with them. Test, monitor, adapt or repeat to create the perfect formula for you business.

By creating a strategy, you have a roadmap of where your brand is going and how to get there. Keep in mind that you need to be flexible. Adjust your strategy when necessary. Be conscious of what is going on in your community, the United States and around the world.

Use this social media plan template as a guide when building out your social media plan and your content calendar. This free guide will help you create a successful social media marketing strategy for your business.


social media plan template

Stacey McGurk

Stacey McGurk

Stacey (Stefani) McGurk is a Product Manager for social media, reputation and email marketing at Fusionfarm. She is passionate about marketing and helping businesses grow through digital marketing strategies. For a girl who could never stop talking, it’s no surprise that she frequently writes on Fusionfarm’s blog.

Social Media Plan Template
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