Social media is like sex and dating

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Social media is like sex and dating.


I came across a presentation recently called “Social Medial is a lot like Sex” and had the initial reaction anyone would. After another sip of coffee I said to myself, “There’s no way that’s the title.” Well, needless to say, I downloaded it, and I’m glad I did.

The comparison is uncanny at first. The presentation is smart and funny. But it’s also spot on with great ways social media can help businesses grow.

A stat that sticks out is that a whopping seven billion items a week are shared via social networks. Yes, seven BILLION.

See, everyone really IS doing it. You should be too.

Hubspot, the inbound marketing software company who published the presentation, says the average person spends seven hours and 45 minutes per month just on Facebook.

It goes on to say, we use social media in dozens of meaningful ways. Social media is indeed a tool to share, discover and connect. Are you doing it right?

Here at Fusionfarm, we can help you do it better. Social media, that is.

Our social media management services start off similar to dating. Your business has a need to grow, connect with customers and cultivate brand advocates through social media. We can satisfy your needs and take your business to the next level. When we meet, the fireworks go off and the relationship begins.

The first step is getting to know you. A dedicated community manager at Fusionfarm conducts an interview to learn about your wants and needs, identify your voice and what sets you apart. We listen. The trust grows as the goals are established. In other words, we flirt.

We want to know you and here is how. We create a social media strategy. A detailed content calendar is created highlighting promotions and events. It maps out where the relationship will go and what we will provide.

The relationship then moves to the next level, like a first date. Just like Hubspot says, we will help you be remarkable, show your customers affection and be real and authentic.

Throughout the entire relationship, we continue to listen, react and initiate the conversation on your social media networks. We monitor the engagement and adapt as needed. We learn and grow just like with all relationships. It takes dedication, and that is what we provide.

If what we have to offer isn’t enough, how about this: 91 percent of marketers see improved website traffic due to smart use of social media and 79 percent are generating more quality leads.

Fusionfarm will help your business score consistently with social media.

Interested in a first date? Email us:


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Stacey McGurk

Stacey McGurk

Stacey (Stefani) McGurk is a Product Manager for social media, reputation and email marketing at Fusionfarm. She is passionate about marketing and helping businesses grow through digital marketing strategies. For a girl who could never stop talking, it’s no surprise that she frequently writes on Fusionfarm’s blog.

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