4 tips for social media for B2B from SXSW any business can do right now

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 03.13.13 - Social media

b2b_marketingThe most significant recommendations on social media for b2b at South by Southwest Interactive arrived Monday from representatives from SalesForce.com, Xerox Corporation and Cisco Systems Inc.

The good news is Fusionfarm is already implementing many of these for small and medium size businesses in Eastern Iowa. In other words, these are social marketing tips any business can do starting today.

You can recap the entire session I attended on blazing new trails in B2B social marketing by checking out the hashtag #socialb2b or the Storify by Sara LaFauci.

Create compelling video content with an embedded call to action

A video that can attract 160 views a day is equivalent to the efforts of one strong sales person, said Jamie Grenney, the VP of Social Media & Online Video. That was an eye-opening statistic. Everyone knows video content is highly consumed so I shouldn’t be surprised. But, wow, what an opportunity.

Sound difficult? An easy first step is to create a video that answers a question a customer often has regarding your business with a measurable enticement.

This is as good as time as any to stress the point that no matter what type of content you create remember that it’s about quality not quantity. Don’t push something out on a Facebook page just to do. For example, build into your next marketing plan a series of blog posts that compliment it during the course of the campaign and schedule the timing and release of them on social outlets to maximum customer interaction.

Organic search and ‘going virial’ are dead for B2B marketing

The main reason for this is that social networks like Facebook and YouTube charge businesses to get quality content in front of consumers. If a business doesn’t pay to promote content then often those messages are buried in the noise of certain social outlets.

Overall, trying to build a strong following and having content consumed organically is a very slow process too. The main message here is that once you’ve created quality content, it’s OK to promote by experimenting with social ads and other promotional opportunities.

Spread social marketing throughout the business

There are a number of tips here for good social media for B2B. First off, a happy employee is a really good marketer for your business. Lead by example in your business when it comes to social media for B2B.

Consider creating a social media policy to give employees guidelines and a template to act upon. If social outlets are a major driver of business consider adding quality content creation into job descriptions and performance reviews. Create social subject matter experts within the organization. These people can be the change agents that others will follow.

Measure the social marketing efforts

The most important advice anyone can give is to set social marketing goals that align with the goals of the business. For a company likes SalesForce.com the goals are to build trust and customer success.

Here is a key question that most businesses find difficult to answer. How can you converse with customers on social networks in a way that delights them but always gets them into the sales funnel? Fusionfarm can help your business answer that question.

Once you get started, calculating the return on the social marketing investment can be daunting. One basic formula is to look at the number of engagements by fans and followers and divide that by the number of posts. Use the result as a benchmark to set goals and make sure to communicate the results throughout the business.


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