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Six teams pitch a startup ecommerce business

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 01.16.13 - ecommerce


Will Lenzen, a social media account manager for Fusionfarm, pitches an e-commerce business idea. (Photo by Kelly Homewood)


Every once in awhile there are moments when it's OK to talk about yourself. Today is one of those days for the people here at Fusionfarm.

Roughly 12 weeks ago 40 members of the Fusionfarm staff launched a project called Ecommerce Camp. Six teams were each given $5,000 to launch, market and run a startup ecommerce business. The goal is to increase the ecommerce acumen within the agency and to increase collaboration between product, sales, technology and creative people.

The startup funds are spent however each team determines. The only caveat is that everyone involved meet weekly to share insights, lessons learned and obstacles overcome.

Today, each team pitched its idea and business model to a panel of six people actively involved in the local startup community. Each pitch was limited to five minutes, five slides, one handout and five minutes for questions from the panel.

The presentations can be viewed below. Each represents a significant amount of time, dedication and hard work by a group of people that 12 weeks ago knew little and had no practical experience in ecommerce or launching a startup business.

Significant progress has been made. And, no, not every idea or detail has been fully worked through. Most of the businesses plan to launch its websites in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the progress.

As for today, I was very proud to be part of the Fusionfarm team.

Here is a sample of some of the reaction on Twitter.

Shop Iowa


Jabber Java


DIY Wall Design


Wine Bar Store


Cheryl's Salsa Kitchen


Drinking Game HQ


The Panel

The panel was comprised of David Tominsky, Troy Miller, Alex Frazier, Mendel Kurland, David Sturtz and Randy Bachman.



Jason Kristufek

Jason Kristufek

Jason is the Digital Product Manager for marketplaces and ecommerce products for Fusionfarm. He has a track record of building useful and interesting products and creating sustainable revenue streams through internal sales relationships, analytics, search engine marketing and intimate market and consumer insights. He is a hockey super-fan and a believer that the Cubs will win the World Series.

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