Why Can’t We Be Friends? SEO, SEM- Compete or Complement?

POSTED BY Fusionfarm - 08.05.13 - SEO, SEM

SEO or SEM: Again, it’s about location, location, location-what is MOST beneficial? Where is it more important to show up on a search results page? If we have limited dollars in our budget, which one should we focus on?

The answer is you want to show up in as many places as possible! You want to be that online billboard that shows up on both sides of the road and the signs overhead. In order to achieve this goal both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) take time, effort and budget, as well as expertise and knowledge of both disciplines, as the rules change constantly.SEO SEM

SEO works with your website, onsite and offsite. Onsite, SEO works on your keywords, tags, location, descriptions, links, titles, etc making sure they are all properly identified and focused. Offsite, SEO assists in building your reputation and authority through blogging, article and comment posting . SEO also works with Social Media –identifying you and your business as an active presence on the web, and with online directories-making sure your presence is noted, and noted correctly. Seo delivers long term results, as it takes time for the SEO work to be indexed and verified on the search engines.

Note of caution here-there are many SEO agencies that utilize ‘blackhat’ techniques. These techniques will work short term and enable them to charge lower fees. But ultimately, they will hurt your reputation with the search engines and hurt your rankings.

SEM works on targeting customers, most particularly at mid funnel or the end of the marketing funnel. SEM serves you up just at the time the searcher is looking for your type of business, product or expertise. Not just talking about Google, but including all search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Youtube to name a few more. Your ads could be a variety of text, images and video, or a mixture of all three. SEM delivers short-term results.

The bottom line is they complement each other. SEO improves your website for organic search, helping you rank higher organically. The quality of your website is considered by search engines considering which position you show in and how much your cost per click (cpc) is in SEM. SEM will help you refine your keywords and ads. Calls to action that work in your paid ads may work on your website as well.

Is one better than the other-Not in my opinion! When both are combined, websites experience a larger volume of traffic that is focused on the products and services offered. Contact us today and we can explain each in more detail and get you started!

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