Before Launching a Pay Per Click (ppc) Campaign Consider...

POSTED BY Fusionfarm - 08.29.13 - SEM

Pay per click or ppc is a great way to reach users across devices like: smartphones, iPads, laptops and desktop computers.

And let’s face it – everyone is online all the time today. And they are not just limited to their desktop at work or at home anymore.

Before you jump into the deep end and start paying for pay per click (ppc) ads, consider these key points.

1. Create a Landing Page

Your landing page is where users will be directed once they click on your ad. Make sure it has a strong call to action, points of contact information and product or service information.

2. How much is a new customer worth?

  • First, breakdown how much each customer contributed to your profit line last year.
  • Determine the life span of a typical customer. Do they typically purchase once a year, once a month, once in a while?
  • What is the cost of acquiring each new customer?
  • Combine the total of the first two items and subtract the third item. That is your customer value. Each customer is worth $? To your profit line.

3. What is my current cost per acquisition?

If you already have a product or service to sell, you are probably already doing some type of advertising. What is the cost to acquire a new customer?ppc text ad

4. What type of ad is right for me?

ppc display ad

Are you looking for a text only ad or an image ad? Are you interested in a search network or a display network? If you've looked at Google Adwords, then you probably are aware of these options.

5. What interests am I targeting?

If you choose to run your ads on the Display Network, you are able to target your audience by interests, age and/or gender.

6. Should I target Desktop, I-pads or smartphone users?

Searchers use the devices differently. A parent may use their desktop to search for pizza places at work and then order from their smartphone on the way home. Ads, keywords and bids can be adjusted for each type of device, tailored to usage patterns.

7. Should I target a specific geographic location?

Geographic location can be pinpointed down to the zip code or voting district, as well as the city, DMA or designated marketing area, state, country or international level.

8. What is my value proposition?

What value does your product or service add to your customers’ well-being?

9. What is my call to action?

What do you want your customer to do and what is the customers’ reason to do so? There are two general ways that you can do this:

  • Use a specific offer – Like a discount, coupon, book or product sample.
  • Appeal to a specific need or desire – your product or service could address a customer’s need for security, health, beauty, youth.

A good call to action will increase conversions by helping your ads stand out from the crowd.

10. What is my budget?

Once you know what you’re able to spend, use the budget tools to set either a lifetime or daily dollar goal for your budget.

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