A basic approach to grow your business online

POSTED BY Andy Sulhoff - 02.26.13 - Website design, Digital marketing

The internet may seem like a complex organization, but it’s really a series of relatively simple elements you can use to grow your business online.

When you aggregate the simple elements, the internet does become complex. The good news is small and medium size businesses don’t have to navigate it alone to have an online presence that grows the business.

At Fusionfarm, we understand the importance of using tools on the web that can grow your presence and lead to more sales.

Here are some of the basics you can use to grow your business online:

Website domain

A domain name is the “human” address of your website. Fusionfarm.com is our domain name for example. There is value in owning a quality domain name because people are more likely to visit a site that’s easy to remember.

Registering a domain with one registrar is exactly the same as registering a domain with any other. The only difference is price. When it comes to price comparison the fine print will set you free. Read the fine print and make sure you choose the best option for your bank account in the long run.


When we are connected to the internet we’re really connected to a network of computers. The computers on the network each contain folders that contain files that make up websites. There are latterly dozens of hosting providers that help make all these connections to those folders work seamlessly. And a quality hosting provider provides two key elements: up-time guarantees (typically 99.9 percent) and security from malicious attackers.

Building a website to grow your business

Understanding domain names and hosting providers is the first step. The next is actually creating a website that helps grow your business, which Fusionfarm can help with.

Option A – Use Fusionfarm to create a website using a set template. This option allows a business to change the color scheme, do a little customization in terms of layout and navigation, upload content and get publish on the Web. This can be a great option for simple website design and it’s typically quick and fairly inexpensive. This option ensures the business will be found in search engines and people who visit the site will get a great first impression.

Option B – Use Fusionfarm to create a custom design and deploy custom web development. At Fusionfarm, we have a team of creative web designers and web developers that have decades of experiencing in creating, building and deploying functional web and mobile sites that will do just about anything imaginable for your business.

We have the processes in place to learn every aspect of your business, the target customers and marketing goals to create a website that speaks to your voice and provides the right functionality and experience that people coming to your business website want. This also typically involves creating high quality content that is useful to customers and prospects, as well as optimizing it to be found in search engines.

This option has the widest amount of choices in that the level of creative and development work will vary based on the needs of budget of the business.


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