Google Authorship- Give Credit Where Credit is Due

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Why are some Google search results of blogs and articles displaying a personal photo and some are not? Are these people more important-or just Google savvy? Well…yes. They are using Google Authorship.

Earlier this year Google introduced Google Authorship as an opportunity for Google+ profile users to create a more personable rich snippet result.

There are several benefits for utilizing Google Authorship:


Google Authorship Rich Snippet


An Example of a Google Authorship Rich Snippet:

  1. Build your authority-which in turn increases your ranking. If you are creating and posting solid, relevant content that is shared and + 1’d, Google interprets this as high quality content that offers value.
  2. Create a richer snippet-Displaying your photo as part of the snippet makes the result more personable and even maybe more trustworthy in the eyes of a searcher.
  3. Create extra links within your result. First, your byline, by Margaret M. Whitson will show next to your picture. You have the option to set this up as a hyperlink and this will take you to your Google+ page. Second, the more by Margaret M. Whitson link will show more blogs and articles written by you.
  4. Protect your content from piracy or plagiarism. Your content is directly connected to your Google+ profile.


Studies are showing that click through rates (ctr) are increased with the Google Authorship in place as high as 150% (

So, why isn’t everyone using the Google Authorship? Good question…Let’s get started!

Begin at your Google+ profile.

Google+ Profile Contributor to


Basically we are going to set up a circle. The circle links to your blog or article, and then closes going back to your profile.

  1. Set up your personal Google+ profile. By sure to include a picture of yourself.
  2. In your profile, go to the profile section, about tab, and scroll down to the Contributor section. You are reaching out to these sites, letting them know your profile is here.
  3. Find your Google+ profile url. It will look like this


The second part of the link will complete the circle back to your Google+ Profile page. We are going to use WordPress for this example.


Wordpress Google Authorship Input Alt Text




  1. In your WordPress profile, in the Google+ box, input ; Your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter.
  2. ***If it's missing, Google won't be able to associate your content with your Google+ profile.
    In the About Yourself, Biographical section, input:<a href="############?rel=author">
  3. Also, be sure your byline (name) is exactly as it shows in your Google+ profile. For example, mine is Margaret M. Whitson.
    Create a hyperlink with your byline, directing it to your Google+ profile page.


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