Fusionfarm’s 2014 Digital Marketing Resolutions – Jumping Off The Bandwagon

POSTED BY Regina Gilloon-Meyer - 12.30.13 - Digital marketing

bandwagonIn the world of marketing, finding the next big thing and milking it for all its worth is an occupational hazard. After all, who wants to be the agency that dissed social media as a fad or the one who missed the mobile memo? Not us, that’s for sure. However, when cutting edge turns cliché it’s time to cull the group think from our consciousness and jump off (or on) the bandwagon.


Fusionfarm’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

WebDev – in the category of “Overchoice ” aka “A Link Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”. We will not make the same or similar data accessible via multiple navigation and subnav pathways.

Social Media - We will stop abusing #hashtags and using it everywhere without any context. Hashtags abuse is so last year! #StopHashtagAbuse #YOLO #LOLOL #Swag #NoFilter

Content Strategy - We will not write any references to content being king, queen, prince, court jester or any other royal hanger-on. This is A-merr-ica, dang it. Smash the content monarchy.

An SEO/Social Combo - We will no longer think of Google+ as the ugly step-sister of social media. Google+ will become more relevant in 2014 as a way for businesses to share content while improving their rankings and we will be there, all dolled up and ready to dance.

Online Business Directories – Speaking of ugly step-children who made good, we will push the mobile sheriff badgebandwagon particularly as it relates getting businesses found with online business directories. Not the sexiest tool in the kit, these online workhorses have become the go-to choice for click-to-call smart phone users and can’t be neglected any longer.

SEO – Local isn’t just the latest catch phrase, it’s the law. From website development to content marketing, we will show up and be seen where are customers are searching, locally.

Market Research - We will not send data to the boss without context, relevance, insights or recommendations. Data without a context is like a team without a playbook – A LOSER!

Inbound Marketing Integration – We will ruthlessly remove every generic CTA, (i.e. BUY NOW, CALL NOW, JUMP NOW) and replace them with relevant messages that actually pertain to the content being offered and we’re going to do that, um, you know…really, really soon.

A Little Something Video For Everyone – Video Killed The Radio Star. Videos can rock your SEO, jazz up your website, and they’re perfect for social sharing. Studies show video content is more memorable than written content, increases brand awareness and is awesome for delivering helpful, educational inbound content. What’s not to love? We resolve to incorporate more video into all of our digital marketing projects.

Happy New Year from the Fusionites at Fusionfarm!


Photo Source: Liz Martin, TheGazette.com Photo Source: Liz Martin, TheGazette.com



Regina Gilloon-Meyer

Regina Gilloon-Meyer

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