Five digital marketing links for your weekday reading

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 06.04.13 - Digital marketing


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A collection of digital marketing links on strategy, content and audience development along and two ads worth checking out.

Product > Strategy > Business Model - A strong case for figuring out the business model after determining the right fit for your product and services in the market by venture capitalist Fred Wilson. "So my advice is not to rush into business model without first finding product market fit and then taking the time to lock down on a crisp, clear, and smart strategy for your business. From there business model will flow quite naturally and you will be on your way to success."

55 expert tips to produce better & faster content - A collection of good advice from running a contest to reporting on industry news in real time to crafting research reports. A practical approach for marketers at small and medium size businesses.

New Technologies Change the Way we Engage with Culture - "The question of what is next goes beyond the immediate desire to figure out how to monetize a new distribution system to the very fabric of how we construct experiences with audience involvement -- and sustain the evolution from real time to over time."

A Superformula to fight cancer - This video and campaign was created by an agency for a hospital in Brazil. The idea is to use superheroes to explain treatment procedures for children fighting cancer. Brilliant.


A hot dog tour of 20 U.S. cities in 90 seconds. Just a cool ad to watch.



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