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Five core elements to a social media plan template

POSTED BY Stacey Stefani - 02.08.13 - social media

Each brand has a unique story to tell, business goal to reach and likewise a marketing strategy for social media. All businesses can start with the same outline for a social media strategy so getting active isn't as intimidating.

At Fusionfarm, we recommend creating a strategy for a time period of three to six months. The strategy is your roadmap for success and guide for your content calendar. Using a social media plan template is a guide that is flexible and changes based on the metrics. 

How your audience responds (engagement, clicks, comments & reach) to content can determine the type of content, how it’s presented and when it’s shared. Listen, monitor, adapt and be willing to test and try new things with your strategy to be successful.

These five elements are essential pieces of a social media plan template for businesses.

Establish your Goals

Goals must be specific and measurable. Your social media goals should be reflective of your overall business goals. By establishing goals for each social media platform, you can create content that reflects your brand’s voice that will help you reach those business goals. Identifying metrics to measure will provide the analysis you need to determine the ROI and if the goal was reached.

Identify all key dates during your campaign

Social media is another channel to market your business. As with any marketing plan, you need to identify the key dates that determine your marketing message which you’ll add to your social media plan template. Examples may be an anniversary, sale or promotion, event, a day in history, holiday or product launch. These dates must be relevant to your business and brand. Plan to promote relevant content around these dates.

Create campaigns

Campaigns for social media are similar to any other marketing campaign. Identify your target audience, how to reach them, what your message is and goal before you begin execution. Once you have, add the campaigns to your social media plan template.

An example that you may add to your social media plan template is a campaign to get people to sign up for an event you are hosting. Your goal would be to get people to attend and collect data through an online RSVP form. In your social media plan template you can add when you plan to launch the campaign, create the necessary content for someone to understand the event details and indicate why they should attend with a clear call to action on how to RSVP.

Social media campaigns can supplement other marketing such as commercials, online advertising or an email campaign. Or the campaign may live entirely on social media. Your goal will determine your message and where you promote it.

Strategy for Social Network

Use your social media plan template to indicate which social networks your content will be posted on. There are numerous social networks and all have unique features. Understand those features and how it benefits your business. Identify your target audience you plan to connect with and understand how they create and consume content via each network so you can create content that will lead to results.

Gather sources for content repository

A major piece of your social media content calendar is the content. As a business owner, you most likely consume content every day. Ask yourself, why you like this content? Or where you go for an answer? These will provide direction in resources, websites, people, emails or authors that you identify with that are reflected in your brand. Sifting through it can be the toughest part. Create a repository so there is quick access to the blog or website, write what you like about it and how you plan to use it. Our recommendation is to create it in Excel.

Your audience seeks information from you. They trust your brand and see value in the content you provide. Unique, original content is always the preference. But don’t ignore the content that surrounds us. Topical events, timely news or announcements and other content that is relevant to your brand is valuable for your audience. So add your review of the latest product launch or ask a question to create conversation about a hot topic or national event.

A lot goes into creating a successful social media plan template. It is unique for each brand and business. Our recommendation – set goals, plan, listen, monitor, adapt and take risks.

Need help getting started? Download this free social media plan template.




Stacey Stefani

Stacey Stefani

Stacey Stefani is a Product Manager for social media, reputation and email marketing at Fusionfarm. She is passionate about marketing and helping businesses grow through digital marketing strategies. For a girl who could never stop talking, it’s no surprise that she frequently writes on Fusionfarm’s blog.

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