3 Facebook Mistakes Businesses Can Easily Avoid

POSTED BY Stacey McGurk - 06.13.13 - Social media

Facebook screenshotSocial media platforms such as Facebook offer huge opportunities for small businesses to connect with customers. Along with opportunity comes a certain amount of risk.

Here are three Facebook mistakes business can easily avoid along with some best practices to ensure a more successful social media marketing strategy.

Creating an account and doing nothing with it

It is detrimental to a business to set-up a Facebook account and abandon it. If you encourage people to connect with you or they search for you, they expect valuable content. If your social media accounts are inactive, it is going to reflect poorly on your brand and customer service. In addition more people are turning to Facebook and other social networks like Twitter for customer service, reviews, and content to help buying cycles. People are also influenced by their friends, and Facebook especially showcases their friends connected to your business.

Social networks should be a representation of your brand, product or service. The same experience they would have at your store, office, restaurant or business should be reflected through your social media networks. You wouldn't ignore a customer that walked in or forget to turn on the lights. The same is true for a Facebook account. Don’t ignore your social networks.

That brings up a good point to make. If you ignore customer complaints via social networks, it won't stop people talking about you. It’s highly recommended to address concerns publicly because they will talk about your business whether or not you engage. Here is a great resource we put together earlier: Three tips for dealing with upset Facebook fans.

Now that you have created an account, it is important that you set up the correct type of account for your business.

Creating a Facebook profile rather than a page

All brands, businesses, and products must create a page. If you want your audience to connect with you and gain insights be sure to create a Facebook page and not a personal account.

Personal accounts are for an individuals and are used to connect with people you know. These profiles are not intended for a business to create to connect with their customers. They are permission based, where people send in a friend-request that must be approved. A Facebook page allows people to simply "Like" you to connect with your business.

Your customers also don’t want to share private or personal information with a business most times. If you connected as “friends” this would allow you to see that personal information. Facebook pages still allow you to build a closer relationship but in a way that everyone is most comfortable with.

Last but not least, you can’t gain any of Facebook’s insights unless you have a page. Facebook has pretty robust insights that provide a better understanding of what content is working in terms of engagement and reach and how your audience is growing.

Facebook makes it simple to set up a page. You can even classify it in a category that best fits your business such as "Local Business", "Brand or Product" and "Cause or Community".

Liking your own Facebook status

Your Facebook community knows you would not publish content you don't like. There is no need to like your own status. This is one faux pas we never want to see a business commit. We do encourage all businesses we work with to have their staff like Facebook statuses but they need to like it as themselves and not the brand.

Facebook makes it easy for you. If you’re an admin on the page, notice this message at the top of the page "You are posting, commenting and liking as Business Name – Change to Your Name." Click to switch to your name so you don’t like your page’s status or photo as the page.

The intention of this blog post is to help your business get started and succeed with your social media marketing. There is no need to admit what faux pas you’re guilty of committing. Use these as a way to evaluate what you’re currently doing for social media. Our social media team is happy to help evaluate your current social media efforts and to put a strategy together to help your business grow.



Stacey McGurk

Stacey McGurk

Stacey (Stefani) McGurk is a Product Manager for social media, reputation and email marketing at Fusionfarm. She is passionate about marketing and helping businesses grow through digital marketing strategies. For a girl who could never stop talking, it’s no surprise that she frequently writes on Fusionfarm’s blog.

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