Selecting a content marketing agency is like picking a new puppy

POSTED BY Andy Sulhoff - 03.04.13 - Inbound Marketing

Don't get too comfortable... your competitors won't wait while you nap. Your business may be doing well, but you should be wary of getting too snug in your current strategies. The marketing game is always changing, and only the businesses which stay on top of the latest methods such as SEO will continue to succeed. (Original photo licensed under Creative Commons Attribution by Julianna)


Do you realize as a stakeholder in a small or medium sized business that creating quality and compelling content can lead to more sales?

I hope to convince you that it will, and it’s important to look toward a competent content marketing agency like Fusionfarm for help.

The truth is that small and medium size businesses are in a position to provide high quality content to customers and prospects. The challenge is finding someone within an organization with interest in creating and curating that useful and essential content to grow the business.

Creating quality content is a serious commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here is a list of five things to consider when searching for the right content marketing agency for help.

Pre-purchase/adoption visit is important

You should absolutely visit the agency before you buy. Signing with an agency without visiting them first is a lot like buying or adopting a dog sight-unseen. You probably wouldn’t adopt a dog because your friend told you the dog was friendly and well mannered. Likewise a business shouldn’t deal with a content marketing agency that way either. Sit down with the writers and account managers and get to know them before you make any commitment.

Personality matters

The success of your content marketing strategy will come down to the working relationship with the content marketing agency you select. Depending on the desired level of involvement, a business could be working with the content marketing agency on a frequent basis. Do your best to gauge how well you’ll work with them over the long haul. When you meet someone new, you are generally nicer and more polite than you are to people you’ve known for years. This is no different with content marketing agencies, so do your best to find a partner that is genuine and fun to work with while operating under the goals of growing the business.

Capabilities matter

When signing with a content marketing agency you must consider its capabilities. Is the agency a fast dog or a slow dog? Energetic or laid back? That’s to say, is the content marketing agency capable of ramping up content output as your business grows? Does the agency have the capability of turning content around quickly? Also, is the agency just a pup at content marketing or an old dog? If they’re an old dog, can they learn new tricks?

You’ll also need to think about the more analytical side of content creation. You’ll want to make sure the agency has the ability to review content performance and provide insights. Meaning is the investment growing your business. It’s great if you have a content marketing agency with Pulitzer prize quality writers, but if they can’t review the analytics to deliver the right message at the right times, the quality content is going to be wasted.

Price matters

You can find agencies in any variety of price ranges and like with dogs, the important takeaway is that you can find a content marketing agency to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Best as a long term commitment

You’ll want to think of hiring a content marketing agency as a long term commitment. That’s not to say you can’t switch after you’ve chosen one. It will be best for your small or medium business if you approach the selection process with the time and attention it requires. The content of your website, social media accounts and blog are keys to the long term success of your website.

Just like dogs, agencies all want to be your best friend and love you forever. Do your research and find the one that’s best for your business. When you do, I think you’ll find that Fusionfarm is a good friend to have.

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