Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 08.10.12 -

There are articles-a-plenty out there about Facebook. “Falling stock value”, “privacy issues”, “they’re invading our brains”, oh – and – “why your business needs to be on Facebook.” As “the Facebook” nears a truly monumental level – one billion users (yes, billion with a “B”) – Facebook is very much a part of our culture now. Even in Eastern Iowa a simple search for the ad reach in the area will pull up over 200,000 Facebook users.

So here’s a question: If there are nearly one billion people on Facebook (hundreds of thousands in Eastern Iowa) and they’re spending at least one of every seven minutes on the internet on Facebook (comScore), why wouldn't you want your business represented where the people are?

Answer: You need your business on Facebook. Here’s why:

Engage your customers

Facebook is a great place to interact with your customers, and respectively have your content possibly in front of their people. This is where they’re recording their lives – what they like, how they feel, their opinions, what they had for breakfast, and what’s happening in their life. Content is constantly being shared.

When your business has a disgruntled customer what do you do? I would hope that your business deals with the situation swiftly and personally. But by the time you’ve done so, that customer has already told their Facebook friends all about their bad experience – and your business’s name has taken a hit that’s spreading quickly. If your business is represented on Facebook, you’re not only engaging your customers and potential customers, but you’re establishing connections that allow you to service your customers where they’re talking about their life – and thus become part of the conversation.

Grab your nearest stress ball and brace yourself, but it’s not about selling more.

That can come from it, but only after you’ve proven that you’re a company that cares more about adding value to your customer’s lives. New York Times best-selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk, calls it "The Thank You Economy” – an environment of connecting with people. If you’ve genuinely provided a service – creating interesting content that extends your brand, quickly addressing technical issues, or providing awesome customer service to name a few examples – your customers will not only be loyal to you, they’ll want to tell their friends about you. It’s about the context of connecting with people. When you do that, your fans will want to tell their friends about you. In fact, 55% of online shoppers prefer to share their purchase on their Facebook timeline.

“But I don’t have the time…”

You may be right; it does take time to manage your online presence and creatively service your customers. But again, if there are nearly one billion people on Facebook (hundreds of thousands in Eastern Iowa), why wouldn’t you want your business represented where the people are?
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