How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 09.18.12 - Social media, Digital marketing

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Social media should be a piece of your overall marketing strategy. Social media marketing is an extension of your business, brand, product or service and enhances your overall marketing strategy for growth.

Social media services, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn Pinterest, etc., can help grow your customer base, increase sales, gain insights and solve problems. There is great value in using social media as a marketing tool and making it part of your comprehensive business plan is important.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the time commitment or trying to figure out where or how to start your social media campaign. That’s what Fusionfarm is for…

Fusionfarm offers social media services that work for your business. We will work with you to create a customized social media strategy that we implement and execute based on your needs and your ideal customers.

So now that you see the value of it, you need to ask yourself “Is social media right for my business?” If you answered “yes,” start to think “why” or “how do I know?” The following eight qualifications will help you answer the “why” and “how” to determine the next steps for your business:

  1. Your current and ideal customers are there. If your customers spend time on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, then your business needs to have a presence there. Just because you may not be on there, does not mean they won’t talk about your business. Join the conversation and be active. Build relationships with your existing customers and start relationships with new, potential customers.

  2. You have valuable content to share. Just because your customers and ideal customers are on social media sites, it’s not a “win” just by joining. You have to provide valuable content and give a reason why they should connect with you. Social media is a platform to build relationships, share your story and humanize your brand. Establish yourself as an expert. If you have a story to tell and content to share, this is the place to do it. Go a step further by providing exclusive offers and promotions to reward those engaging with you on a social platform.

  3. You want to create a conversation. Social media is all about two-way conversation. People are already talking about your business, brand or product. It’s time for you to join! Openly communicate with your customers and potential customers where they are. They ask, you answer. Build relationships by creating a personal connection on social media.

  4. You want to increase sales. If your business has a product, service or goods to sell, use social media as a channel to increase your sales. Showcase your services or products through photos, videos, tutorials and blog posts. Provide tips that will help solve your customer’s problem. Use social media to launch a new product, gain feedback on an existing product or provide a sneak peek to your social media audience.

  5. Word of mouth referrals grow your business. It may be “old fashioned” but one of the most effective ways to grow your business is word of mouth. Did you know that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Social media is a megaphone for word of mouth. Sharing content on any social media platform is simple for the user and has great benefits for your brand.

  6. You believe in transparency. Social media is an excellent platform to share your business’ history, product updates and customer service tool. It’s also a way to toot your own horn (in a respectable way) as you receive praise, recommendations and feedback from your customers in a public way.

  7. You want to gain audience insight and collect feedback. Understand your audience needs through surveys, polls and questions on social media. Monitor how your audience responds, learn from it and apply. Provide a sneak peek of a product launch to gain insight on how they react. Or ask questions to uncover the problems your audience may have to develop a product or service that will solve it and meet their needs.

  8. You need ROI. A big benefit of social media is you can track and see the results. Your social media strategy should be based on your business goals and needs. Through constant monitoring, Fusionfarm will adapt your social media strategy as needed to reach those goals, providing better returns on your investment. Growing customers, increasing sales and gaining feedback and insights through social media is tracked through a suite of tools to monitor the success.

So if these qualifiers are part of your business needs and bottom line, let’s talk.
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