How to turn your small business website into a lead generation tool

POSTED BY Jason Kristufek - 09.25.12 - Website design

Here are three best practices that we deploy at Fusionfarm to help small businesses turn web and mobile sites into lead generating mechanisms: Make it functional, showcase your digital assets and leverage the right tools.

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Make it function

The design and user experience of the website is vital. It must speak to the brand and the voice of the company. Fusionfarm has award winning web designers and creative directors to do just that.

Equally important is transforming the digital presence into a functional experience for visitors and potential customers based on the goals of the business.

At Fusionfarm, our approach is to understand each clientÂ’s business environment, it goals and target customers. We take that information and apply it to the marketing approach of the business to ensure the website serves a clear purpose and works to grow the business through specific calls to action.

A businesses website must answer each vital question a potential customer must have. We can help you do that.


Take advantage of digital assets

A website for a small business must establish credibility, trust and an emotional connection with a potential customer. At Fusionfarm, our process examines all the likely digital assets of a business, including ones it may not realize, to create quality and compelling experiences that can lead to growth.


Leverage the right tools

Our experienced website, mobile and application development team works in conjunction with small business needs to leverage the best tools possible.

Our toolkit includes e-commerce setup, search engine optimization, email subscription management, analytics, social marketing, conversion optimization, asset management, database and API integration and more. We listen to the needs of the business to deploy the right tool that meet customer expectations.
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