Benefits of Facebook for Business

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Facebook for Business

If your business is not investing in an active Facebook page, you are missing an opportunity to reach approximately 750,000,000 unique visitors a month on the world’s largest social networking site.

 (source: eBiz MBA) 75% of businesses say Facebook has been influential to their business. Integrate a social media strategy into your marketing campaigns to foster brand awareness, humanize your brand, strengthen relationships, and gain insights to help you grow your business.


Tell Your Story

Facebook is the perfect venue to establish or breathe new life into your brand. A static website alone is not enough to create a successful business brand. Facebook presents a unique opportunity for businesses to share content with fans on a daily basis. These real time updates allow businesses to share photos and anecdotes that would be overlooked on the company website. Fans love to see what goes on behind closed doors at their favorite companies. Facebook allows businesses to humanize their brand. Your customers get to connect with real people from that business or brand.

Content ideas to share your brand story include:

  • Photos and bios of your staff

  • Throwback Thursday themed updates about your company history

Engage with your Customers

We’ve been focusing on what a company should be posting on Facebook, but all social media is a two way conversion. Any business will benefit from sharing relevant content with their audience, but it is also important to build rapport with your fans through interactions. 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. More and more consumers are turning to social media when making their purchasing decisions. This makes it hugely beneficial for any business to have a strong presence on Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site.

Content ideas like these encourage feedback and increase interactions:

  • Discounts and offers

  • Open ended questions like “caption this photo” or “fill in the blank”

Build Relationships and Create a Community

If your Facebook strategy is providing your fans with the updates they want and an opportunity to interact directly with your brand then the next step is simple. Careful cultivation will turn customers into fans and advocates for your brand. Once that connection has been established between a fan and a brand, your fans will begin to do the marketing for you. These users will like, comment, and share your posts which will build your brand awareness as each action is shared with their own network. 51% of fans are more likely to buy from a brand they “like.” Your presence and interaction is necessary on your Facebook page, but don’t be afraid to let your fans engage with each other.

Some great ideas that help foster a strong brand community are:

  • Facebook exclusive deals

  • Customer photos and testimonials

Build Social Influence

Facebook creates an opportunity to not only influence your fans and customers, but also connect with other businesses in your area or industry. Whether you’re a small or larger company, having an active role in your community is a great way to earn a positive reputation. Supporting other businesses in your industry will also increase your brand awareness. If you share updates and create mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses on Facebook, they will most likely share your information in return. This unique value proposition opens your social reach up to new audiences which wouldn’t be possible without a Facebook business page.

Increase your brand social influence by:

  • Supporting other businesses with mentions and reviews

  • Sharing expert advice from your industry

Every business can benefit from a Facebook page. Regardless of the size, location, or industry, an active Facebook presence will only help your company become more successful by building and engaging a new, active audience. When used correctly, a business Facebook page can improve lead generation and increase sales. Download our free guide to learn more about turning Facebook fans into paying customers.

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Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

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