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With around 200 million active users, Twitter has firmly established itself as a frontrunner among social media platforms. People turn to this bite sized micro-blogging platform to talk about things that they care about, whether it’s world news that’s affecting their lives or businesses that they have interacted with. Twitter is where people are having conversations and sharing real-time information.

If you are new to Twitter or if you haven’t caught up with the latest updates, this guide is for you! In this free guide, we will be reviewing Twitter basics from setting up your profile to generating leads and analyzing your results. You will learn:

  1. How to optimize the branding of your Twitter profile
  2. Steps to optimize Twitter for search
  3. Twitter etiquette for business
  4. How to jumpstart your lead generation strategy
  5. How to measure the ROI of Twitter

In this blog post, I will briefly cover the core concepts of attracting customers through Twitter.

Optimize your Twitter profile

Optimizing your Twitter profile is the crucial first step in attracting customers. Proper optimization of your profile ensures that your business will show up in the search engine results. In addition to checking your website, many customers will go to your social media page to see if your business is doing well or not. Active participation in Twitter impresses potential customers and some might even inquire about your business through Twitter rather than through phone or email. A well-optimized Twitter profile makes your business easy to find.

Create a Twitter engagement strategy

Twitter is not only a place of positive brand communication and conversation, but it’s also a place where you can generate leads.  

Twitter conversation

With a proper engagement strategy, you can supercharge your lead generation process. One of the key components of a Twitter engagement strategy is social listening. Simply put, social listening is actively monitoring specific keywords related to your business on social media. Through social listening you can know what people are saying about your brand, product or your industry. It is a great way to generate leads by finding people who are talking about a problem that you can solve.

Social listening is immensely important for customer service too. Almost 50% of consumers want companies to listen in order to improve products and nearly 60% of them want companies to respond to complaints made through social media.** (** “Social Listening vs. Digital Privacy,” JD Power & Associates & Netbase, 2013).

Measure Your Results

You must learn to measure your results to know if you are spending your time wisely and if your engagement strategy is working. There are various ways you can measure your results through Twitter. From straightforward tracking of the number of followers every month to developing a more advanced marketing funnel that tracks the leads generated from Twitter to specific landing pages, you can get as detailed as you want depending on your business goals.

When used successfully, Twitter becomes a powerful part of your marketing strategy as it helps you develop and promote your brand. Our eBook Learn How To Attract Customers With Twitter gets more in depth about each of the concepts discussed in this post. Download this free guide to for useful tips and recommendations such as:

  • Dimensions and style recommendations for a good Twitter background
  • Why you should include keywords in your Twitter profile
  • What is the recommended length for your tweets
  • How many tweets you should send per day
  • How and when to use tracking tokens in your tweets
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Pranav Shrestha

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