A different approach to a car dealer's television advertising campaign

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 01.29.13 - Branding, Creative, Case study

When Junge Automotive Group, a car dealership in Cedar Rapids and Center Point, asked Fusionfarm to develop an television advertising campaign that would be new and unlike any other, we had to be painfully honest if we were to undercover a message that would cut through the white noise of the competition.

After some deep research into Junge Automotive Group’s history, sales techniques and culture we came up with a decidedly un-car dealership approach. No jingle, no balloons, no whizz-bang starbursts. Just real people you genuinely like and relate to and, most importantly, can trust.

The videos below are what we came up with for the television advertising campaign.

This is what the client had to say:

"We have heard nothing but good things on the commercials. Terry told me he got two calls and one turned into a car transaction. They asked for the older gentleman that makes the best coffee when they called. He didn't know these people at all and it wasn't a referral so it is working. I am so HAPPY about it all!”

- Nancy Hockaday, Marketing Coordinator, Junge Automotive Group


Michael Zydzik

Michael Zydzik

As Fusionfarm's creative director, Michael directs his team creatively. He also leads branding and marketing strategy efforts, multi-media advertising campaigns, client pitches and presentations. He has two rescue dogs he refers to as his "kids" named Noodles and Monroe.

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