6 Content Ideas for your B2B Pinterest Strategy

POSTED BY Alicia Anderson - 09.23.13 - Social media

pinterest b2bIn my post, “10 Tips for your Business’ Pinterest Strategy,” I discussed great tips for ecommerce businesses to optimize their product pins for more repins, clicks, and online purchases. These effective B2C strategies don’t always translate the same when applied to a B2B Pinterest strategy. Pinterest is a visually driven platform which can be challenging for the B2B industry. The social network has grown to become one of the top platforms for increasing traffic to your website, so why wouldn’t every business want to be included?

Below are six ideas for companies who aren’t selling a pretty photo-ready product to create engaging Pinterest content.

1. Brand Personality

Showcase your company’s culture with fun photos from your co-worker’s birthday celebration at the office or your team playing bags at the company picnic. Users love to see the personalities behind a business to personify the brand. For a more formal approach grab those company head shots to create a board introducing your employees.

2. Blog Photos

If your business has a blog (and it most definitely should!) you are already creating content that is just waiting to be shared on Pinterest. Most blogs include an image which is all you need to create a new pin! Creating a board dedicated to featuring your blogs will help your audience follow updates from your company. Make sure that pin clicks through to the specific blog post you discuss to drive relevant traffic to your website.

3. Infographics and Visual Data

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? These data-driven images are a popular and effective way to share data. If you have interesting data about your business or industry you’d like to share, a flashy infographic is a perfect way to do so. A pin image including a colorful and aesthetically pleasing infographic will perform much better than a boring statistic or graph.

4. Industry Publications

If your business has produced, or any of your leaders have been featured in, white papers or ebooks there were probably images included in those publications. These images can be used to create pins to show your involvement in these publications and establish your company knowledge and thought leadership. Be sure to include a pin description along with these images to inform and intrigue the reader to click through to the actual publication.

5. Satisfied Customers

Any opportunity to promote your customers and include a testimonial is a good opportunity. Don’t forget your camera the next time you visit a client to snag their photo (with their permission of course). If possible try to catch them while they are using your service or ask them to record a short video testimonial. Video pins are growing in popularity and provide a great venue to include dialogue beyond the pin description. A Pinterest board full of happy clients will do wonders for your brand reputation.

6. Pinterest User Generated Boards


HootSuite Pinterest Example of a business' user-generated board on Pinterest.


Another great way to gather content and engage your followers is through user-generated boards. These boards are open and interactive so Pinterest users can add their own pins to your company’s board. Allowing your followers to create pins for you will not only help you to come up with fun content ideas, but also help your audience to connect with your brand. Hootsuite is a great example of a company taking advantage of user-generated boards. Their followers contribute to boards highlighting the culture of over 10 countries as well as a board for fans to showcase their owl creations.


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Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson is a Social Media Community Manager at Fusionfarm. She works with a number of clients in various industries to grow their businesses through the use of social media marketing. When she's not creating social media magic, Alicia enjoys shaking it while instructing dance fitness classes.

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