Behavioral Targeting – When Less Is More

POSTED BY Mindi Dixson - 02.05.14 - Digital marketing

bullseyeMarketers use behavioral targeting to capture website and landing page visitor data and then use that information to provide these searchers with advertisements that are relevant to their needs and interests. How does this work? The data collected creates a “profile” of the visitor that links to their web browser and then these visitors are put into an audience segment. This audience segmentation allows advertisers to show online ads that are relevant to users based on their previous behavior. These ads are generally more expensive because studies show they are generally more effective than run-of-site advertising.

Kelly Homewood wrote previously about behaviorally targeted marketing and how it works in her blog post, “Effective behavioral target marketing for local businesses”. I wanted to take a little time in this blog post to elaborate on the benefits of using such a campaign.

Right Time / Right Place / Right People

Why are behaviorally targeted ads more effective? Let’s explore an example. I could potentially be in the market for a specific good or service, let’s say a vacuum in this example. I might search across multiple sites looking for reviews and price matching, even asking friends on my social profiles. I have “declared my intent”, so to speak, by my internet search behavior. When that data is recognized by the Iowa SourceMedia Group sites (KCRG, The Gazette, Hoopla, Corridor Careers, Iowa Prep Sports and our Classifieds), a targeted ad is delivered, regardless of the specific page the person lands on. The cookie that was placed on my computer from visiting the Gazette network of sites tracks this information and reports it back to the ad serving system. The system can then match the specific behavior with a specific ad, in this case, perhaps a vacuum retailer or reseller. I am served an ad that is directly connected to my search behavior, thus increasing my likelihood of noticing that ad, and eventually acting upon the action that is advertised.

Quality vs Quantity

Through behavioral targeting potential customers are captured, allowing marketers to deliver the right ads to the right customer at the right time. Rather than relying on a huge quantity of ads to reach as many searchers as possible regardless of their interests, fewer targeted ads are required to reach targeted leads. So, although the cost of the targeted ads may be higher, the fewer ads you need to run along with a higher conversion rate can actually lower your overall costs.

How can Fusionfarm help? We offer a variety of behavioral targeting packages and we bring you unmatched reach in the local market. The power of using behavioral targeting through us comes from the six websites in our network that ads could potentially be placed. The Gazette network of websites is among the most visited in Iowa and, more importantly, are highly engaging.

Contact me,, today for more information about how we can help create a highly efficient targeted campaign for your business. 

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