An Internet Dependent World Could Make or Break Your Business

POSTED BY Rachel Kruse - 08.07.14 - SEO

So you ask – Does my business need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign?

Does your building need a sign that is recognizable or an outlet for ecommerce if you’re selling online? Absolutely – and SEO is at least as important!

Having a website that tells the world what your company is capable of, and directory listings that give a SEOclear picture of that, can help your business gain revenue. Directory listings are all over the internet with names like Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle, Manta and DexKnows. Directory listings propagate information from the internet, so submitting the correct information is important

Building brand awareness is extremely important in this day – when you don’t just head down to Gomer’s Gas Station down the road. If you cannot be found on the internet, chances are people will not find your physical location either.

Digital Marketing - Dazzle Them with How You Can Help!

Attracting a customer is probably a little like attracting a mate! Not every customer you think is a great fit, feels the same about your business. That’s why you have to make your business stand out. Dazzle your listings with an enticing description about what you have to offer, specials, your logo and great photos that will make them say – “HMMM… I want to go there” or “Check it out – 24-Hour Service, and they are certified too!” Digital marketing is getting more important by the minute, and if you fail to use digital marketing techniques, you are losing potential clients and revenue.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Google your business name and chances are there are directory listings results with your business name on it. I can almost guarantee that. The problem with these results is that they are not always correct, and that may cause customers to go to your competition.

Your best potential clients may not know your company’s name, so they are not typing into your business’ name in the search box. If you don’t have your site (or online directory listings) optimized for the search engines, they will not get a list of results with your information and website listed. The more those listings are filled out with your products and services that your clients are seeking, the correct contact information and even some photos of your establishment, the better chance you have of reaching and attracting a potential customer.

Newspapers may not reach the right crowd - SEO can!

According to, there are 3.3 billion online searches done per day. There are only 7 billion people on the Earth. That is up from 1998’s total of 9,800 users searching per day. While the Internet is getting more and more attention – newspapers may not reach the potential customer with an immediate need for your products or services. Local newspaper advertising is very effective for building brand awareness, but people know that by searching online all the answers will come to them – IT’S LIKE MAGIC!!!

Not only can potential customers get their answers from the Internet quickly, but they can do so no matter where they are – on their phone, on their tablet, on their laptop, at work or in almost any acquaintances living room. Make sure that wherever your potential customers are, they are able to find you and give them something truly recognizable and worth visiting you for.

The SEO Puzzle: You May Need Help Putting it together

Making sure your site is optimized for search engines takes time – a lot of it. There are a lot of pieces to a successful SEO campaign are taking new form constantly. That is where Fusionfarm comes in. We can help you get your online business directory listings complete, and keep them updated for the season, new specials and even moves and changes in service offerings.

Top of Mind Awareness

The more your potential customers see your listings, website, email campaigns, social media marketing and Internet ads, and the more original you make yourself, the more likely they are to call, walk in, or email for quotes. Be on the top of your customers mind!

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