7 Ways Social Media Is Like Working Out

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We all know that the most difficult part about working out isn’t getting started but maintaining a regular routine. This analogy applies perfectly to Social Media. It isn’t difficult to open a social media profile for your business, but maintaining it regularly requires dedication, proper methodology and a plan much like a good workout routine. To expand this analogy further, here are seven ways that social media marketing is similar to working out:


1.) Have a Goal

Working out always starts with a goal, what do you want to achieve - lose weight, develop your core strength or train for a marathon?  Depending on your goal, there are different types of exercises you need to do in order to achieve it. Similarly, always begin with clear goals for your social media. Do you want more followers, do you want more store traffic or more website visits? Depending on your goals there are specific social media platforms and strategies that will help you achieve them.


2.) Create a Routine

A proper routine is essential for a successful workout plan. Your goals help you decide what type of exercise you should be doing and your routine helps you execute them in a timely manner. You can’t workout for 12 hours straight and not bother doing anything for rest of the week. Similarly, social media also requires a regular routine. Your goals help you pick the proper social media platform and your routine would be the creation and execution of a content calendar. Social media posts, much like working out, need to be executed regularly. It can’t be something you pick up when you feel like it. Good workout plans require dedication and in order for a social media plan to work, regular posts are a necessity.



3.) Keep It Interesting

Following a routine doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again. Much like how you won’t see good results by performing the same exercise over and over again in your workout routine, your social media page can lose your follower’s interest if you repeat similar content over and over again. Not only is variety essential for your workout, but it also keeps you motivated with new challenges. Similarly, a variety of social media posts not only keep your followers interested, but also help you find new content ideas that work best for your audience.


4.) There are no shortcuts for lasting results

After joining the gym, you wouldn’t expect to get ripped immediately. Ask any fit person and they will tell you that their physique is a result of their continual effort throughout a long period of time. Similarly, social media requires continual effort on a consistent basis to get good results. Your fan base is accrued over a long period of time and it requires a proper plan to keep that fan base engaged and involved with your business.


5.) Find what works for you

A good workout plan is always customized. Your height, weight, body type, strength and goals will determine the type of exercise, number of reps and intensity. Similarly, your social media plan should be formed around your business’ specific needs, goals and budget. Retrofitting your business into a pre-existing social media plan is not only inefficient, but also very ineffective. To find what works for you whether you are selecting a workout plan or a social media plan, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional.


6.) Holistic approach

A healthy body isn’t achieved by just working out, there has to be a good balance between working out, eating healthy, getting proper rest and having an overall health conscious attitude. Similarly, social media is a part of your marketing mix. A healthy business marketing plan not only has a good social media program, but also includes a proper balance of other marketing channels such as inbound marketing, SEO, email campaigns, etc.


7.) Consult a professional to help you achieve your goals

Going to the gym for the first time can be very overwhelming, you don’t know how certain pieces of equipment work and if you don’t use them correctly you risk injuring yourself. The world of social media can also be very overwhelming, there are so many different platforms and each comes with their own set of rules and best practices. If you don’t follow those best practices your social media efforts will be unsuccessful.

Whether you’re doing strength training or social media marketing for your business, consulting a professional is always a good decision. You’re investing your time and money so you want to make sure your investments will be fruitful. Similar to how  personal trainers at the gym guide you through a workout routine and provide you with insightful tips on proper form, social media marketing professionals can help you figure out the best way to execute social media strategies and share industry insights to help you achieve your goals.

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Pranav Shrestha

Pranav Shrestha

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