5 Emmy Nominations – But We Won’t Let it Go to Our Head

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 08.20.14 - Creative, Awards and recognition

emmy_awardWhen it comes to developing creative it’s not about how pretty it is (I actually hate the word pretty – it doesn’t mean anything) or how cool you’re trying to be – if you have to say you’re cool, you’re not.  

No, effective creative starts in a more analytical and less visual place - identifying, understanding, predicting and, most importantly, transforming human behavior. And to take that a step further, those who produce great creative on a consistent basis have the ability to empathize with audience segments on an intuitive level.

When that methodology is applied skillfully you get an appropriate creative narrative and aesthetic that is relevant and compelling to an audience. This activates engagement and a long lasting relationship with a brand, it’s not just about selling stuff.

We creatives here at Fusionfarm believe that we are only as good as our last creative effort and that can be humbling. So if there’s any ego in our 5 Emmy nominations, it resides with the added visibility these nominations bring to our clients and their brands. I’m not suggesting that we’re nonchalant about getting these nominations. They have us giddy with excitement, as they are validation of our hard work and it brings added visibility to Fusionfarm and, yes, we hope we win.

We are proud to present the Emmy nominated work below and we are even more proud of how this work works for our clients.

Fusionfarm Branding Team:

Nominations for Fusionfarm broadcast branding spot, Theatre Cedar Rapids (TCR) online and event video, Lincoln Savings Bank online product video and Collins Community Credit Union (CCCU) broadcast campaign.


Hello, We're Fusionfarm


Theatre Cedar Rapids "Our Theatre" long form video


MyLSB animated long form video


Collins Community Credit Union campaign

CCCU Auto Loan


CCCU Credit Card


CCCU Mobile App


CCCU Home Loan


Fusionfarm Production Team:

Alliant Energy


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Michael Zydzik

Michael Zydzik

As Fusionfarm's creative director, Michael directs his team creatively. He also leads branding and marketing strategy efforts, multi-media advertising campaigns, client pitches and presentations. He has two rescue dogs he refers to as his "kids" named Noodles and Monroe.