3 Ways A Marketing Agency Can Partner With Your Content Team

POSTED BY Joe Matar - 08.19.14 - Inbound Marketing

Content_Marketing_PartnershipContent marketing is hot. And I don’t think I need to spend any time in this blog post telling you how hot it is. If you still need some convincing about how valuable content marketing can be for your business, check out this blog post on the benefits of content marketing for businesses.

But for those businesses that are already doing content marketing and want to do more or for those businesses that are thinking about doing so but are unsure if partnering with a digital marketing agency is the right step, continue on.

Your Content Marketing Pain Points

First, let’s discuss why you might consider partnering with a digital marketing agency on content marketing.

1)      You don’t have the time: Yes, content marketing takes time. There’s research, planning, writing, editing and promoting. You have better things to do like calling on leads, running the business and making sales.

2)      You don’t have the writing expertise: Some of us just aren’t born writers. It’s okay. We can’t all be great at everything.

3)      You don’t have a full understanding of content marketing: Content marketing isn’t just about putting words on a page. It is about understanding your buyers, strategy, research, SEO, social media, websites, user experience, analytics, branding, and creative design.

So you need help. But what type of help do you need? Here are three ways you can partner with a digital marketing agency to drive business results with content marketing:

Editing and optimizing

For some businesses, giving up full control of their content is impossible. These businesses typically are more technical in nature. For these businesses, partnering with an agency to write their content would be inefficient due to the steep learning curve. In this situation, help is still available in the form of editing and optimizing of the content.

Digital marketing agencies that have expertise in SEO and writing can ensure that the content that you write yourself speaks to your audience, contains no errors and has the greatest chance of ranking in search engines. Typically, the marketing agency would help you create a content calendar in sync with your business plan, conduct keyword research and then publish and promote the blog posts for you.

Half And Half

Other businesses feel comfortable with writing valuable, compelling content that is optimized for search engines but they don’t have the time to commit to a full content marketing strategy. In this instance, it makes most sense for the business to write some of its own original content but have a digital marketing agency supplement the efforts with additional content. The key is to make sure that the content strategy is cohesive. It requires a shared content calendar and constant communication on who’s writing what, who’s publishing when and which content is successful (and which is not).

All Original

The last option is to have a marketing agency take over all your content marketing from research to writing to promoting. This is for the businesses that really just don’t have the time or the expertise to execute a content marketing strategy. The daily demands of running the business are too much.

In this partnership, the agency will typically spend time researching your industry, your competitors and your buyers. It also means that they will have to spend time with your business interviewing sales reps, marketers and business owners in order to extract your expertise for the content. And it will most likely still require you to approve content before it is published.

It’s All About the Partnership

If your business does decide to partner with a digital marketing agency, it’s important to know, in all partnership types listed above, that content marketing really is a partnership. Your digital marketing agency can’t write or edit your content in a vacuum and expect to be successful. You hold the expertise of your business and industry.  Sharing this expertise with your customers is the heart of your content marketing strategy. It is this information that becomes your content.

So consider your pain points when it comes to content marketing and decide on your best option for partnering with a digital marketing agency.

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