3 Tools for Maximizing your Social Media Marketing Budget

POSTED BY Alicia Anderson - 02.12.15 - Social media

If you’ve been managing a Facebook page within the last year, you’ve probably noticed a dramatic change in the organic reach of your posts. The same social media strategy you saw suceed a few years ago, will not benefit your business today. (Learn more about these updated changes in Pranav Shresthra’s slideshare, 4 Things You Need to Know for Facebook Marketing in 2015.) At this point in the social media game, if you want to get ahead and grow your presence on any network, you will have to incorporate a social media marketing budget into your digital marketing strategy.

Why do you need to invest in a social media marketing budget? In this constantly changing environment, you won’t be able to execute an effective social strategy and keep your presence active with just a few posts or tweets a week. The social media marketing landscape has evolved past merely posting updates to your fans and followers. You must be prepared to create strategic campaigns in order to achieve your goals, and that strategy will need to include paid ads on social media.


Social media advertising is a whole new arena for most marketers, who are accustomed to traditional mediums like print and broadcast, which can be intimidating. While these more traditional forms of advertising are still beneficial, there are benefits specific to social media advertising that cannot be achieved through other forms of marketing, so you should include this tactic to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

The unique benefits of social media advertising on networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and others include the ability to hone in on your ideal customer with the exact the message you want to deliver. You can do this by creating a social media advertising campaign that use the following 3 components:

1. Goal- Based Campaigns

Most social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, allow advertisers to optimize their ads based on their campaign objective. This helps advertisers focus on their messaging by starting the process with the end goal in mind. The first step in creating your ad is to determine what call to action you would like included in the ad. For example, do you want to expand your audience by attracting new likes or followers, increase the reach of your content through a post engagement or promoted tweet, or drive traffic to your website through a link based ad?

2. Specific Targeting

The detailed targeting that can be achieved through social media advertising is a major benefit for any digital marketer. Social media targeting goes well beyond the typical geographic and demographic constraints of most advertising campaigns. Take a look at the behavior and interest targeting within Facebook and you won’t believe what these networks know about you! The social nature of these platforms allows them to know more about its users than you ever thought possible. The targeting available within Twitter is not as advanced as what Facebook provides, but the network does have access to a great deal of information about its users.

3. Optimize Performance with Measurable Results

If you manage a Facebook business page, then you are familiar with the robust insights provided by the platform. There are many tools available to provide similar analytics for Twitter. In this age of digital marketing we can easily identify how our ads are performing based on analytics like click through rate and engagement. We can see in real time how effective these ads are in driving traffic to our websites. This makes it possible to test and edit social media ads to get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Are you ready to add social media advertising to your marketing efforts, but lack the time or expertise to do so? We have a team of professional social media marketers who can help your business achieve its goals through effective management and advertising campaigns.            

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Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson is a Social Media Community Manager at Fusionfarm. She works with a number of clients in various industries to grow their businesses through the use of social media marketing. When she's not creating social media magic, Alicia enjoys shaking it while instructing dance fitness classes.

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